A flower for every occasion to make it a special one!

On this journey called life, we come across many occasions to be thankful for and to be happy about. We make friends, learn new things and move ahead. These experiences leave us with occasions that make us human and capable of emotions. The occasions that we choose to celebrate make us what we are and honestly, can there be anything better than online flowers delivery in Kolkata to complement the beauty and grandeur of these moments? Here are a few floral ideas that every occasion in your life should be rewarded, acknowledged and appreciated with!


Be it your mother’s birthday or your kid’s, a birthday brings back the happy memories. The joy of togetherness and the solace of having a family to call your own! For such beautiful moments that you would like to cherish forever, a fresh flower bouquet along with a gift basket of chocolates, fresh fruits and dry fruit is all you need to make a special day like birthday memorable!

The first job

The feeling of being financially independent is so underrated until you have experienced it! Be it the first salary or first day at work of somebody you love, it calls for celebrations! Send them flowers online and convey your best wishes to them! The lovely flowers can also alleviate their stress and ‘pre-office’ jitters!

 Falling in love

Being in love is scary and heady! You are worried about several things-from that zit on your face to whether you are dating the right person or not! On the other hands, you are super comfortable around her and every day just seems special when she is around, isn’t it? If your girl’s profile on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is all about being hopelessly romantic, then you can’t just wait for Valentine’s Day to send her same day flowers delivery in Mumbai! Buckle up, - boy and keep her reminding that how lucky you feel to have her in life!

Getting married, and having kids

Finally taking the plunge, eh? As you are gearing up for new and big responsibilities in your life, you will have special occasions such as a marriage anniversary or an extra birthday to look forward to. There is only one way to make the most of it! While flowers lend a spruced up feel to your home, they bring the colour and liveliness you need to brighten up your day and some special moments! If you know someone who is getting hitched, send him flowers to send your heartiest wishes on his new journey!


This could be the most beautiful phase of your life! It is perhaps the most relaxing time of the life when one should be resting, vacationing and celebrating every moment while trying to make even the routine ones special. If your parents or in-laws are getting retired, you can make it extra special and memorable than ever with the right flowers!

Celebration with flowers can be very satisfying, creative, fun, meaningful and pocket-friendly! Besides, even after the celebrations, they can remind you of good times!

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