How Do Grownups Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween as a kid used to mean nights spent trick-or-treating and binging on candy. Now, a lot of “grown-ups” find themselves unsure how to best celebrate Halloween. It’s not just a holiday for kids. Adults can have a blast on Halloween too, and they don’t have to feel ashamed about kicking things up a notch (or two).

You’re never too old to be scared, and you’re never too old to dress up. Whether your idea of a good time is a night in carving pumpkins or a spooky night on the town, everyone should feel empowered to celebrate All Hallows Eve. So how do grown-ups celebrate Halloween? Here are some ideas to start your fall season off right.

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Local Frights

No matter where you live, there’s something going on for Halloween. Traditionally, Halloween was seen as a night where spirits could pass through to our world. Whether or not that’s actually true depends on your beliefs, but that doesn’t mean we couldn't all use a good scaring to get the party started.

Some of the best Halloween traditions that are supposedly for kids are just as fun for adults. Who doesn’t like a haunted hayride or a night spent watching horror movies? Haunted houses have come a long way too. If you dare, travel to one of the biggest Halloween parties on the planet at Universal Studios which hosts annual Halloween Horror Nights throughout September and October. Just beware! These aren’t for the faint of heart, and their haunted houses are like nothing you’ve experienced before.

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Dress Up

We could all use a night of pretending we were someone (or something) else. The best part of Halloween as a kid was getting to choose a fun costume and wearing it around. From princesses to Power Rangers, there was something for everyone. Now, as an adult, we’ve been tricked into thinking dressing up is only for kids. Wrong!

The best part about dressing up in a costume for Halloween as an adult is that there are no rules. Want to be a scary undead monster? Fine. Want to a sexy police officer? More power to you. This is the only night of there year where you can be anything you want. How will you make the most of it? Click here for Sexy Costumes for Women, Adult Halloween Costumes 2017 Ideas | 3WISHES.COM.

Everyone Loves Candy

Really, everyone does. Even if you aren’t usually one to partake in sweets on any other night of the week, on Halloween all bets are off. Halloween is a night to explore things that are usually off-limits, and that includes gorging on entire bowls of candy corn if that’s your thing. Whether you’re at a party or home alone, taking a night to explore your sweet tooth is a fun way to unwind and feel like a kid again. Just don’t forget to spike the punch while you’re at it.

Are you ready for Halloween this year? Just because you’re a so-called grown-up doesn’t mean you can’t still relieve one of childhood’s greatest joys. Halloween is fun for all ages, adults included. Who doesn’t look for an excuse to party on a weeknight and eat all the candy?

*Guest article by Ashley Lipman

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