How To Style A Men's T Shirt And Jeans Fashionably || 15 Awesome Ways To Look Stylish In A Tee

Jeans and a T-shirt.
The most basic outfit which is not just comfortable but also one of the most favourite style piece known to a man. As it has been the default outfit for most of the men it might feel its easy to pull it off but the most staple of your wardrobe’s staples is also its most versatile and despite it requires a very few decisions when wearing a T shirt you must understand that a Men's shirt is a blank canvas around which you can build any outfit.  The best part about a T-shirt and jeans is the fact that you can dress it up or dress it down according to your requirements!

If you are a man who wants to look stylish every time you don a t-shirt with a pair of jeans you might want to consider what kind of T shirt is best for you and find the perfect version of a pair of jeans and T shirt that fits your body best. We have curated the best possible ways you can style your basic T-shirt with the right pair of jeans, which will make you look like a million bucks every single time you wear it. Getting the balance right is what makes your basic tee and jeans outfit one of a kind.

15 Awesome Ways To Style A Men's T Shirt And Jeans 

One of the most staple and go-to clothing item for a man is his T shirt but that does not mean you simply grab and wear one without any thought. Its always best to pay careful attention to the little details like the fit, color, print and style. With these things in place you can elevate the basic tee into a versatile, classic piece that not only feels great but also one that looks sharp.

#1 Street-style Inspiration:
White T-Shirt + Denim Jacket +Black denim

You cannot go wrong with a well fitted white tee and black denim. Don't forget to a denim jacket over it.

#2 High Contrast
Contrast Tee+ Basic jeans

A contrast-coloured T-shirt looks great when paired with your favourite pair of basic jeans! Just add Chelsea boots to make it a put together outfit.
#3 Splash of colour
Contrast Tee+ Black Ripped denim
Swap your basic denim for a ripped black version and wear it with a contrasting tee for some colour! Viola, hot ripped denim mess!
#4 Unconventional Colored Tee
A non-solid coloured tee + Denim

We have no complaints with the jeans and T-shirt not being a solid colour if the combination looks this good.

#5 Monochrome inspiration.
Black denim + White t-shirt

This casual style of wearing a white basic tee with a pair of black fitted jeans is never going out of style. Agree?
#6 Black on Black
Black T-shirt+ Black Jeans
#7 Longer Length Tshirt Style
Long Logo Tee+ Looser jeans

Sexy and impeccable. Who knew a longer length tee would look so chic on men?

#8 Travel Style
Black tee+Blazer+Jeans

Layer your black T-shirt with a fitted blazer and a pair of jeans to make it list of best dressed while travelling without putting a lot of effort. For more style inspiration on different ways to wear a blazer with T-shirt, you can click here.
#9 The Bomber Transition
Basic Gray T-Shirt+ Bomber Jacket+ White Jeans

The best way to wear a bomber jacket with your tee is to pick a casual white one and pair it white jeans to maintain a smart-casual balance.
#10 Winter wear
White T-shirt+ Blue Overcoat

This irresistible outfit is one we are loving a lot at the moment. If you want an affordable and stylish white tee you can find it on online shopping portals.
#11 Preppy Street Style
Plain White tee+ Fresh Blue Jeans+ White Sneakers

This minimalist street style is on point and will make you look HOT when you walk across the streets.
#12 Getting Wordy
Slogan T-Shirt+ Fresh jeans

Nobody can resist a good slogan tee but make sure the slogan is simple and short and printed big like the one below. Tie a contrast shirt from behind for added glam. Style your slogan tees differently every single time with this guide.
#13 Cool Summer Outfit
Striped Shirt+ Graphic tee+ Faded Jeans

When you want to beat the heat in style you can wear a striped shirt over a white graphic tee but remember to leave the shirt open and pair it your faded jeans like the one here.
#14 Minimalist Street Style
Basic Gray T-shirt+ Blue jeans

This combination of blue jeans with a grey tee is a winner for a lot of reasons and one of them is the high comfort factor plus the minimalist styling required to get this look!

#15 Weekend Fashion Staple
White jeans + Patterned T-Shirt
Nothing screams chic and stylish than a pair of white jeans paired with a patterned tee. Wear it when you want to hang out with your guy friends or even want to attend a brunch with the family on the weekend.
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On The Note:

You can rock the basic tee by dressing it smartly with jackets and overcoats or dress it down to peppy streetwear by wearing it tucked in with ripped denim. So whatever your look, don't forget to keep all your favourite T-shirts in their best condition so the next time you wear them you can look the best version of you!

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