Top 8 Fall Fashion Trends That Will Make an Impression This Year!

It is evident that attire cannot be classy and inexpensive, by default. For a great ensemble, and an inexpensive ploy to look classy, there should be a means to append or attach a touch of flair and finesse to the same.

People nowadays add a sense of coolness with an embroidery patch. These patches are versatile in all attributes - size, shape, style, pattern, and color. These pieces stand out with a smart signature look just like a college team crest or a family crest that is attached to a shirt that speaks volumes about a legacy.

Additionally, custom embroidery patches & emblems are known to command attention and even encourage bystanders and shop-owners to notice them. Patches are also extremely practical since one can use them for company logos, team numbers and can easily proliferate any type of collection.

There are many things that are trending on clothing racks in 2018 especially as the fall is near. This article will help you pick up the coolest, latest, smartest, weirdest and most unique trends that are expected to make waves in the latter half of the year. As a fashion brand or even as a uniform decorator, trends are important to stay in touch with demographics and their interests. Integrating patch-based trends to your apparel for example, along with regional embroidery can render a nostalgic flavor to everyone who is keen to accept fashion trends. Additionally, these fashion trends can connote a sense of innovation in wearing jeans, shirts, jackets, and backpacks too!

1. Paint me Red:

Since New York has been the harbinger of fall trends since years, one can expect red, the power color to make a huge splash in the Fall and Winter collections for the year. Red continues to be a bold color choice for many since it is bound to evoke interest and even draw a lot of attention to your apparel. The red color is chosen when one needs to add a pop of color along with some cool patches and embellishments. Patches are customizable so choose some red that matches your company.

   2. Berets:

Berets have been a hit last year in the fall runways and have since then been on the upswing in 2018 too. This is because they are adorable, easy to wear, and can carry off any look - from bland to bold. But you can even add sheen and glamour to your berets by differentiating them. Yes, patches can help in this regard, especially in delivering an outstanding impression. Also, you can go in for custom patches to design a suitable patch that speaks about your personality and you want them rendered on Berets.

   3. Denim:

Denim can never go out of fashion and will forever remain a fashion classic although brands have always tweaked the original style in varied ways. Patches can also make them distinct in look and style especially if a logo or artwork is sewn over the denim apparel and add that extra bit of personality that is youthful and adventurous in more ways than one.

   4. Coats and Blazers:

All blazers look pretty common on the street especially since the shades and patterns are quite similar. But wearing blazers with cool elbow patches can help you stand out from the crowd and make you look unique from others. Elbow patches can boost the look especially on a sky blue denim that would look incredible and attention-worthy.

   5. Use Quotes:

Now you can wear your life quote on your sleeve, literally! Use clothing quotes that lightweight, and affixed to clothes through heat transfer method. People also opt for Direct-to-Garment Screen Printing method to add quotes and sayings on their clothes. One can opt for jackets and denim with quotes that can help you express thoughts to others clearly. Embroidered Patches can help your quotes to spring to life with bright colors and insane textures.

   6. Vintage Inspired:

Vintage apparel is now back, although the trend dictates some dark shades with subdued floral designs. Vintage vibes can be easy to develop and recreate especially with heat transfers, custom patches and others that are printed with the complete picture in a professional manner. The patches have been around for years and vintage themes can be developed with subtle and smart colors, fonts and images.

   7. Shoes with Patches:

Now this is unique! Shoes add a lot of sheen but one can even wear water-resistant patches on them, thus completely transforming your look for a better style. Your favorite embroidery patch right on the foot can look stunning and sensational in front of your friends, colleagues, etc. You can even choose some monogrammed initials to distinguish your pair from similar ones and give it a unique identity.

   8. Tops, Shirts & Blouses:

Update your wardrobe with some trendy blouses or tops that feature funny and bright embroidery patches – adding a layer of glamour that you deserve.


Custom patches can help you stand out from the crowd in multiple ways, but one needs to choose wisely and use clothes that support your personality too.

*Guest article by Author Maria Williams

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