Epilators- Are They Completely Old-Fashioned, Or Do They Have A Place In Our Modern Beauty Routines?

Epilators were once commonplace in every woman’s home, however these days they seem to be falling out of favor. There are so many other options available on the market, from refillable razors and home wax kits to hair removal creams and electric razors that the epilator is often pushed into the background.

However for modern women today, the epilator is just as important as it ever was when it comes to long-lasting and effective removal of unwanted leg, bikini line and armpit hair.

Epilation is nothing new. The first epilator was made back in 1985 and it hit the headlines thanks to its effectiveness. Today, there are fewer people using them, however their effectiveness hasn’t declined over the years and in fact it has improved considerably. If you’re wondering why you should switch from shaving and waxing to using an epilator, read on and find out more.

Just As Effective As Wax

Modern epilators are basically a set of tweezers set onto a spinning disc. When you switch the device on and roll it across the skin, the tweezers grab the hairs and pull them out at the root. Shaving, meanwhile, simply chops the hair off at the surface which leaves a sharp, blunt tip. Although shaving doesn’t actually make hair grow coarser and thicker, the blunted hair follicle makes it look and feel thicker and coarser. Epilation, on the other hand, produces similar results to waxing.

Finer Hair Growth

When you wax your legs or armpits, you’ll find that you don’t need to think about hair removal again for several weeks. If you wax regularly, you’ll find that the thickness and volume of hair decreases dramatically over time. The same holds true when you epilate. After a few months, you’ll find you need to epilate fewer times over the course of the month since hair grows back only sparsely and thinly.

The Pain Factor

One of the things that puts many women off epilating is the pain that can be caused. However, many women actually find epilation less painful than a wax. Over time, epilation also hurts less and the more often you epilate, the less pain your experience. As an added benefit, epilation doesn’t cause tenderness and irritation in the long run in the same way as shaving does. When you wax, you pull of skin cells together with the hair and this can make pain carry on for longer. Both shaving and waxing can result in broken hairs, in grown hairs and painful pimples. On the other hand, epilation doesn’t harm sensitive skin and won’t leave spots and rashes.

Value For Money

Epilators are relatively affordable. While disposable razors are cheap, they need to be replaced regularly which proves expensive and uneconomical over time, not to mention bad for the environment. An epilator can be cleaned and reused over and over again representing great value in the long run. There are many different models available on the market today, so you’re sure to find one that fits into your budget. While there are basic models out there which are great if all you’re epilating is your legs, if you want to do other areas of your body too you should look for a model which has more accessories supplied. If you choose a model with several detachable and replaceable heads you can select the right one for each hair removal purpose and use this on your bikini line, armpits or other areas.

Quick And Easy

One of the best things about epilation is that it is so quick and easy to do. There’s no need to think hard about preparation or to apply shaving gel or messy creams. All you need to do is sit down somewhere comfortable and run the epilator over the body part that you want to remove hair from. There’s nothing simpler!

Have you been convinced to try epilation and ditch the wax or razor? We think that it’s a great idea. If you’re ready to make the switch there are lots of great models out there on the market so do your research well and find one that’s just perfect for you.


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