Latest Plain saree with Designer Blouse Ideas || Glam up your Plain saree looks

There are many kinds of sarees which rest in a desi sari loving woman's wardrobe. Silks, chiffons and nets can all get us drooling but it is the trusted old plain sarees which makes the cut for formal and semi formal events. Plain sarees are infact very versatile and work for any occasion when paired with the right kind of blouse. Plain saree with designer blouse is actually the best way to style up this festive season.

Heavy sarees are ideal for festive occasions and parties but if you want a more trendy and unique saree look on a budget turn to your plain sarees and get experimental with the styling. You dont always have to spend loads on sarees, just be a little creative and invest your energy in the blouse and watch magic happen. If you are someone who loves to try innovative and trendy blouse styles then plain sarees are ideal canvas to showcase your blouse designs. It is also very smart move to focus more on blouse which can be paired with different sarees making for a fabulous investment instead of spendng loads on a saree which cant be repeated much when it comes to weddings and parties. A designer blouse paired with a plain saree can make you look effortlessly stylish and elegant.  But if you cant really figure out the kind of blouse to pair with your plain saree then this is post is for you.

Latest Plain saree with Designer Blouse Ideas

Here in this post I bring to you some very trendy plain saree with designer blouse combinations. These striking plain saree with designer blouse looks will spark of your style inspiration and help you glam up your plain saree looks.

#1 Plain saree with sequined blouse

The best way to wear a plain saree to a party or a wedding is to pair it with a embellished or sequinned blouse. A heavily sequinned blouse lends the required bling for a glam party look and the plain saree lends this look a regal elegant charm making for an alluring combination. You can wear this look to winter weddings and night parties too. You can infat alter the sleeve length as per your personal preference and make this plain saree with designer blouse idea summer weddings relevant too. 

#2 Plain sarees with full neck brocade blouse 

If you are looking to wear a plain saree for a special occasion which is more traditional in nature than brocade blouses are your best bet. A full neck brocade blouse with long sleeves in contrasting coloured sarees will look regal and elegant. Add some mogra flowers in hair and jhumkas in ears and ready to steal the show. 

#3 Plain saree with floral printed blouse


Printed blouses look amazing when paired with plain sarees and if you want a very delicate feminine and chic look then opt for floral printed blouse designs. Go for elbow length or full sleeve floral printed blouses paired with plain sarees. Also add a lot of colorful tassel tie ups to your blouse back for an element of fun in your saree look. Open hair and striking bold lip colour is an ideal way to style floral look. Tassel earrings are hot in trend, you can try them with floral blouses for a bright youthful appeal.

#4 Plain saree with contrast blouse

Going the contrast route is the easiest way to experiment with plain sarees. You can just hunt your wardrobe for plain blouses and try different combinations with your plain saree to see which colour mix stands out more. If you want a very breezy saree look which still stands out in a crowd, playing with colours is your best option. Pink-blue, yellow-green, black-white are all very boring done to death colour combinations. Give your plain sarres a new life by thinking out of box and turning to new age colours like grey, sea foam, green apple, tangerine, aqua blue, liliac etc. If you arent sure how these new hues will look on you then just experiment with different colour combinations like a purple saree with green blouse, or light blue saree with dark blue blouse. Blue and red is also an interesting combination. Vidya balan here pairs a pale pink saree with grey which gives a fresh appeal. When pairing a plain blouse with plain saree you can have a lot of fun with accesories, try statement neck pieces, kadas, dangler earrings and even belts for a contemporary saree look.

#5 Plain saree with metallic beaded blouse

If drama is what you wnat with a plain saree then a unique metallic beaded blouse comes to your rescue. This blouse designs is very contemporary and works best for young women for a modern saree look. This kind of plain saree with designer blouse idea works well for dinner parties, wedding reception and sangeet ceremonies. Make sure to keep your styling simple and sleek to allow the blouse to be highlight of your look. A simple pair of studs and sleek ponytail with nude lip colour and smokey eyes is best way  to finish of this look .

#6 Plain saree with same coloured plain blouse

You dont always have to go for unique cuts and dramatic colours to make a statement with plain sarees. A plain saree with a same colour set blouse will look equally gorgeous if you get the styling right. The trick is to use statement jewellery pieces to make your look striking and festive. Rani haars, emerald chokers, huge dangler earrings and even over sized rings can help glam up a plain saree outfit. With a plain saree with same coloured plain blouse look you can also try different modern pallu drapes and vibrant bold makeup .

#7 Plain saree with heavy work blouse

Heavy work elbow length blouse blouse make for an amazing combination to pair up with plain sarees. Grab a heavily embellished blouse from your wardrobe and pair with a plain chiffon or Georgette saree from the same colour family and you have a traditional saree look with a touch of modernity ready. Finish off a look like this with a soft braided updo, chand balis and neutral makeup. 

#8 Plain saree with lace or net blouse designs 

For morning or brunch events use the delicacy of net or sheer lace blouses paired with plain sarees. A fancy high neck blouses design with semi sheer neckline is all things delicate and gorgeous. For a look like this keep your makeup light and accessories minimal for a more youthful appeal.

#9 Plain saree with mutli coloured blouse

If you want to try muticolour blouse with going the boho chic or kitcsh route then plain saree is your best bet.  Simple and subtle plain sarees help down play the roit of colours in a hevaily embroidered multicoloured blouse giving you a very fashionable look which is also very unique and fun. 

#10 Plain saree with long jacket style designer blouse layering

Turn heads with your plain saree by layering it with a long Jacket. These jackets can be embellished to add the required amount of bling for a festive saree look. Even colour blocking is an ooption with a look like this. This ofcourse isnt for everyone as not all can carry off such a bold experimental fashion combination.  Sonam kapoor wore a similar combination at cannes and stole the show. This styling is ideal for winter destination weddings for a regal charm.

#11 Printed blouses with plain sarees

Beautiful printed blouses can be best showcased with plain sarees. This is a very fool proof way of styling which can never go wrong. You can choose from a variety of different printed blouses available these days like florals, checks, stripes, aztec prints  depending on the occasion and your mood. If you really want to make a statement with your plain saree with designer blouse pairing then I suggest you opt for trendy and off beat prints like cow print, jhumka print or even the elephant printed blouse design.

#12 Plain saree with kutch work blouse

Kutch work is an indian embroidery art form which is high on colours. The best way to balance out the colours in a kutch work blouse is to pair it with plain sarees. Kutch work blouses can instantly spruce up any plain saree look and make it stand out in a very traditional way. This plain saree with blouse idea work best for festive occasions. Silver jewellery is the best way to finish of looks like these but you can also try tassel jewellery for a more fun appeal.

#13 Plain saree with mirror work blouse


Simple plain sarees when paired with mirror work blouse designs makes for an amazing outfit. If you find the shine of overall mirror work blouse overwhelming then you can start of with blouse designs with simple mirror work on just neckline and sleeve borders. Overall mirror work blouses these days come in variety of different patterns like collar neks, boat necks and sleeveless designs, you can choose one as per your personal style and pair with a contrasting coloured saree for an effortlessly elegant saree look which ideal for occasions like sangeet or weddings.

#14 Plain saree with contemporary feather detailed blouse

Feather details in ethnic wear is getting very popular and the best thing is this trend is really fresh and hasnt been done to death. You can pair a plain saree with a feather detailed blouse for an offbeat saree look which is sure to stand out.

#15 Plain saree with bell sleeve blouse designs

A simpler and fun option to try with plain sarees is bell sleeve blouse designs. Bell sleeves are dramatic in itself and plain saree can make for a gorgeous canvas to showcase them.

#16 Plain Saree with high neck sleeveless satin blouse

Satin blouses is another option you can try this festive season to pair with your plain sarees. Since satin is a soft and shiny fabric it can hold on its own and doesnt need much efforts to style. It is best to stick to plain satin sarees when pairing with satin blouses as the difference in texture with other sarees can come across as jarring and tacky.

#17 Plain saree with long kalamkari blouse designs

Long corset style blouse designs are also quiet in trend . These blouses are your best friend if you have issues with exposing your waist or have a tummy bulge. These long style blouses also look very pretty with plain sarees.

#18 Plain saree with standing collar neck blouse designs

#19 Plain saree with shoulder cut outs blouse design

#20 Plain saree with pearl embellished blouse designs

#21 Plain saree with designer frill sleeve blouse 

#22 Plain saree with beandeau aka strapless blouse designs

#23 Plain saree with velvet blouse designs 

#24 Plain saree with same coloured sleeves blouse with sheer long sleeves

#25 Plain saree with cold shouldered blouse designs


#26 Plain saree with designer webbed blouse

#27 Plain saree with sheer printed bell sleeves

#28 Plain saree with striped blouse designs 

#29 Plain saree with checks blouse designs

#30 Plain saree with peplum style blouse design

#31 Plain saree with off shoulder blouse designs

#32 Plain saree with sleeveless contrast blouse designs

#33 Plain saree with sheer cape blouses

#34 Plain saree with long jacket blouses

#35 Plain saree with lace sleeve blouse designs


#36 Plain saree with zipper neck blouse designs

Image result for zipper blouse plain saree

Front zip detailed blouse designs are both practical and trendy. If your blouse zipper is more of a decorative detail then it is best to pair with a plain saree so that the blouse gets all the attention.

#37 Plain saree with floral thread work blouse designs

#38 Plain saree with bell style frill sleeve blouse designs

#39 Plain saree with kalamkari blouse designs

#40 Plain saree with fringe detailed back designer blouse 

Fringe is a hot trend this season and this fringe detailed blouse back is all things chic and fabulous. Esha Gupta flaunts this blouse with a icy blue plain saree which allows blouse to take center stage giving an effortless festive look. A gold fringe blouse like this can infact be paired with any colour plain saree to create many different saree looks.

#41 Plain saree with deisgner blouse - Trendy tie up and mughal inspired motifs

#42 Plain saree with motif embroidered back blouses

High neck blouse designs with heavily embroidered back are being spotted everywhere these days. If you have an interesting or unique motif embroidered the best way to flaunt it is to pair it with a simple plain saree.

#43 Plain saree with same coloured sleeveless blouse designs


#44 Plain saree with fringed hemline blouse

#45 Plain saree with embroidered full sleeve blouse designs

#46 Plain saree with boat neck sleeveless blouse designs

#47 Plain saree with sheer neckline and sleeves blouse 

#48 Plain saree with flared polka dot blouse designs

If you want a very modern and stylish look with your plain saree then opt for flared out printed blouse design. Anti-fit blouse designs are hot in trend and very comfortable too giving you a very interesting fusion look. You can infact use a western style flared top from your wardrobe and pair it with a plain saree for a trendy look like this.

Styling Tips to Glam up your plain saree look:

  • Accessorize crazy: With plain sarees nothing is OTT. You can go all out and add as much jewellery as you like. If it is a simple dinner then go for a statement neck piece and rings. For weddings sky really is the limit, wear a choker with rani haar huge earrings and maybe even a jhoomar and lots of bangles. But make sure your plain saree is paired with a plain blouse so the jewellery layering looks balanced and elegant. If you have brought a new necklace set then plain sarees are the best canvas to flaunt them off.
  • Add a belt: Belting your saree is in vogue and it gives a contemporary appeal to your saree look. Plain sarees are your safest bet to add a belt, you can try different belts like leather belt, metallic belt or ethnic embroidered or mirror work belts. These belts give defination to your waist and also look very stylish.
  • Go ethnic with brocade: If you want a very traditional saree look which also light and breezy, plain saree with brocade blouse is the best combination. Brocades have a rich texture and regal feel which an be balanced out well by simpleness of a plain saree.
  • Knot the pallu:  Grab all attention at any event with a plain saree by simply knotting your pallu on the shoulder. The knotted pallu looks striking and contemporary so keep your styling fresh and young. You can pair your plain saree with plain or printed blouse for this kind of styling but I personally feel plain blouse looks more impactful.

  • Add a brooch: You dont always need to pair plain saree with designer blouse for stunning outfit. Simple add ons like brooches can do the trick. Sari pins to hold the pallu at the shoulder are pretty common but for more allure replace your sari pin with a blingy brooch. Brooches with plain saris look effortlessly stylish and glam.
So are you inspired enough to flaunt a plain saree this festive season? Go a out and glam up in a plain saree with designer blouse!

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