21+ Top Trending bell sleeve blouse designs for partywear sarees || Ruffle sleeve blouses

Festive season this year is round the corner and if you are confused what kind of a blouse pattern to try then look no further and embrace the hot new flare sleeves trends. When it comes to saree blouses we tend to innovate and experiment with back neckline and front neck patterns often keeping the sleeves simple but the trend this season is to add drama with the sleeves. Think huge flared umbrella styled sleeves, layered bell styles and even simple flared out three quarter patterns help you stand out.


Here in this post I bring to you an amazing and huge collection of beautiful and eye popping bell sleeve blouse designs which you can pair with simplest of sarees already resting in your wardrobe and still make a statement. Attending a dinner party or a wedding function a bell sleeve is a must have in every desi girls wardrobe this season. so, lets just dive into this post and explore the amazing range of ruffle sleeve blouses you can take your pick from.

 Trending bell sleeve blouse designs for partywear sarees

If hopping trends and experimenting with latest styles is totally your things you might have come across the bell sleeves pattern not just with blouse designs but also for kurtis, suits and dresses. With necklines going deeper and risqué flared out and longer sleeves are what is making a comeback. The retro bell sleeve trend is the new rage in town and you dont have to try in just one or two styles. this trend can be tried by everyone , you like short sleeves or longer? net sleeves or satin? Doesnt really matter just  skim through all the hot new styles which are parading this year as we bring in all the different patterns in one single mammoth post. Take your pick show it to your tailor and get the blouse  design of your choice custom and breeze through the festive parties  looking nothing less than mind-blowing.

#1 Latest flared double layered bell sleeve designs

Looking for something simplistic yet catchy? well this double layered blouse pattern should surely make it to your must try list. A simple blouse attached off with sheer flared sleeves is all things dreamy and fun. the sleeve length is just perfect not too long or short, what not to like? 

Tip: Just give a makeover to a sleeveless blouse already resting in your wardrobe, shop for organze fabric in matching colour and get layerers of sleeves attached , Voila!! Magic 

#2 Short ruffle sleeve blouse model

Loving this trend but not confident enough to try it? well no issues, just start small, try the simple almost sleeveless version of the flare sleeves like the ruffle sleeve blouse deisgns in the above images and see how these sleeves add a charm to your whole look. You can try this pattern not just with sarees but also your lehenga blouses.

#3 Striking Long bell sleeve blouse design

This three quarter sleeve pattern is perfect for someone who doesnt want to go bold. A simple long sleeve is attached in the with a bell for a flouncy and feminine appeal, can it get anymore prettier?!

Tip: Try this style in sheer fabric for summer ready party look 

#4 Pretty elbow length sleeve design with netted ruffle detailing

This is a new emerging trend for lehenga blouses where the whole blouse is in silk or brocade fabric but the bell detail of the sleeve is added in a sheer netted fabric for a girly breezy and fun look. To get this look right it is important to get the sleeve length proper as longer or shorter sleeves can ruin the whole aura. Go for elbow length sleeves and attach netted bell details in same colour. You can add a simple one layer or get funky with 2 or more layers too. These blouses pair well with a flared out lehenga but you an obviously try teaming it with sarees too. 

#4 Three layered ruffle sleeve design for lehenga blouses

#5 Basic umbrella flare saree blouse design for understated glam

Looking for something distinct yet simple? Than a basic umbrella flare sleeve will do the trick for you. When getting the flare sleeve stitched make sure you use a flowy fabric like georgette or chiffon for more ruffly effect. This kind of a blouse even you local tailor can make for you so, what is stopping you from trying this pattern? 

#6 Printed saree blouse design with plain bell detailing

Cotton sarees have their own charm and if you are bored of the regular printed blouses try this bell sleeve blouse model which is again printed but oozes with glam thanks to the plain bell detailing. 

#7 floral print three tiered flare sleeve blouse pattern for plain sarees

Floral are so chic and you must have atleast one floral blouse pattern in your wardrobe. If you are looking for a fresh new flower print blouse idea, why go anywhere other than ruffle sleeve design. You can pair a blouse like this even with a simple plain saree and get the party's attention on to you!

#8 Medium length bell sleeve lehenga blouse pattern

This pretty V neckline Lehenga blouse design has a bell sleeve detailing into layers the first layer is a normal second one and the second layer is plain organza one which adds a visual drama to the whole look this can be paired even with saris for a very modern festive sari look. If you already have a bell sleeve blouse design like this you can just get a layer of plain bell attached to it and give it a whole new look

#9 Gorgeous triple layered full sleeve rufflle blouse pattern for sarees

How many layers of bells leave is enough it’s an era of drama and this triple layered bell sleeve blouse design is all that and more. The blouse design here is longsleeved blouse which has layered Bell ruffle detailing starting from the elbow area ending right till the rest area it looks so different and unique making it a must try for woman for want to experiment crazy this festive season

#10 Latest netted umbrealla flare blouse model with sheer neckline

This is another bell sleeve blouse design in layers but the best part about is it that it has a netted neckline and the sleeves are also in transparent net fabric making it a very Glam and ideal option for younger woman. you can pair it with both lehengas and sari blouse for an amazing festive ready look

#11 collar neckline satin bell sleeve blouse model

Flat collar neck line like this with a DP cart and layer bell sleeve surprisingly form a great combination to make for a stylish blouse design for lehengas this blouse is made in satin fabric and poses of luxurious elegance. Skip all that neck jewellery and let the blouse neckline take a centrestage and style with heavy statement earrings to steal the limelight

#12 Embellished flare saree blouse 

Now this is one bell sleeve blouse design which can be worn by everyone. if you’re not a fan of experimenting with layers and longer sleeves then this simple cut umbrella sleeve blouse design is ideal for you . young girls and women in the old bracket both can try this blouse design and keep the back neck

#13 Fun contrasting organza ruffle sleeve blouse designs for silk sarees

How glamorous and stunning is this organza layered bell sleeve blouse design paired with a traditional silk sari. If you are looking for a unique way to give a modern twist to your silk saris then a bell sleeved blouse is something you should definitely consider this festive season

#14 Elegant and graceful layered ruffle sleeve blouse model for cotton sarees

#15 Glam cape style netted ruffle sleeves for lehenga blouses

#16 Trendy one shoulder contrasting ruffle sleeve blouse design

#17 Festive Bell sleeve blouse model with peter pan collar neckline

#18 Sheer cape style Umbrella sleeve blouse pattern with high neckline

#19 Half printed layered ruffle sleeve blouse design for an offbeat look

#20 Dramatic flare sleeves blouse design 

#21 Latest bell sleeve blouse model with layers

#22 Frill neckline and sleeve  blouse design for plain sarees

#23 Stunning floral ruffle blouse idea

#24 Elegant  embroidered flare sleeve blouse design for pattu sarees

Styling tips for bell sleeve and ruffle sleeve blouse designs: 

  • Mind the occasion : Ruffle sleeves are trendy , chic and full of drama making them suitable for festive occasions like weddings and dinner parties rather than regular wear. Make sure to keep the occasion in mind before getting your blouse stitched. 
  • Sleeve length recommendation : With these kind of blouses you can totally opt for any sleeve length of your choice. If you are someone who prefers shorter or even sleeveless blouses consider style like design number #2, #5 or #22. Longer, sleeves, elbow length sleeves all are an option you can try with bells and ruffles.
  • Hand jewellery ideas : With so much attention already being grabbed by your sleeves it is best to avoid chunky hand ornaments with these blouses. Better to bring in a balance with choker or longer neck pieces and add just a simple bracelet to your hand. 
  • Fabric matters:  Ruffles look uber pretty when they are light and flowy so best to choose the fabric accordingly. Velvets and brocades are a big NO but you an totally get your blouse stitched in any fabric and get the sleeves in a different fabric like georgette or net to bring in a balance. chiffon, organza are other fabric you can consider.
  • Saree pairing ideas: While ruffle sleeve blouses can work with all kinds of sarees, plain sarees are the best canvas to showcase them. These days even silk and pattu sarees are being paired with flare sleeve blouses so you can give even that a try. Betted sarees. organza sarees, designer sarees and satin sarees also look good when paired with flared blouses. 
  • Lehenga blouse designs: If you plan to wear a lehenga which came with an unstitched blouses, bell sleeves is the best trend to try. These kind of sleeves work beautifully with lehengas 
  • Add borders: Tiny lace and border details on your bell sleeve can help elevate the whole look but make sure not to weigh then down. Also if using net fabric consider using sequinned net or embroidered net for added glam.
Which of these bell sleeve  blouse designs did you love most? Tell us!

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