5 Tips to get rid of pimples overnight

Of all the worries we women face, Acne and pimples top the list! Isn't it just so annoying when you wake up in the morning and notice a pop on your face? It becomes more annoying when you get those pops called pimples just before your big day!

Be it a wedding, a night out or any special occasion, it kills to learn that you can't get rid of that pimple which is spoiling your otherwise beautiful face! Fear not! We at Bling Sparkle have an answer to it :)

Here are 5 fabulous tips to get rid of those irritating little pimples overnight so that you look gorgeous and pimple free on your special day.

Tip 1 - Paste it out!
Before you sleep in the night, wash your face thoroughly, and pat it dry gently. Then take a small
amount of toothpaste(not the gel based one but the white paste based one) and apply it on your pimples and let it stay overnight. When you wake up in the morning, wash the paste out and doll up for your big day :)

Tip 2 - Bake it out!
This method is an age old favourite home remedy of Indians. Baking soda acts as a very good pimple eliminator! Just mix it with some water, paste it on your pimples and leave overnight!

Tip 3 - Use Citric Acid aka lemon juice!
Applying fresh lemon juice to the affected area of the face is another effective method of removing pimples. Apply a layer of fresh lemon juice on clean skin before sleeping and rinse it off when you get up in the morning.

Tip 4 - yuck it out.. I mean Yolk it out!
Ok! This one's a bit sluggy but anything to get rid of pimples right?!! So what you have to do is buy get an egg and make a small hole in it so that only the egg white pops out. Apply the egg white all over your face and leave it overnight.

Tip 5 - Our last resort! Pop it and conceal it with a concealer.
Now, if nothing seems to work and you fear you'll end up with that pimple again in the morning, here is are risky last resort!
Wash your face and clear it of all dirt. Stand in front of a mirror and carefully pop that pimple out and when it pops out, place a handkerchief or a cotton ball on it immediately so that the pus doesn't spread to other areas of your face. Once that pimple flattens out, place some ice on it for 10-15 minutes and use concealer on it to hide its scar. 
Remember! When nothing helps, make up does! So don't be disheartened! :)

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