Friday Fives: 5 Reasons Why Nivea Fruity shine Lip Balm Rocks!

The Pigmentation: The biggest reason why I totally love this product is that its a tinted lip balm which gives a beautiful tint to my bare lips. It can be used as a nice substitute to lipglosses and lipsticks on a bad lip day! I totally LOVE the sheer punch of colour this lip balm gives!

The super moisturising formula: This lip balm is very moisturizing and effective for my chapped lips. I often use it to exfoliate my lips too.

The Chick Packaging: What's more! The twist-up packaging is very hygienic and stylish!

The Scent: Every flavour smells of the fruit its named after.

The Pricing: Inspite of it's awesomeness, it is decently priced at Rs 129/-

So, overall, it is a wonderful product by Nivea. A must buy!

P.S: The one in the picture is my fourth buy! I have tried, strawberry, pomegranate and cherry, all are lovely!! The flavours strawberry and Pomegranate have won my heart!

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