Currently Loving ~ Haute Curry Wallet

I bought this online from Let me tell you the melodrama which went behind buying it! I had been to this Shoppersstop store opp. Gopalan Innovation mall and while checking out Haute Curry's bag collection, I came across this tiny lime colored beauty and my heart skipped a beat! *dhak* *dhak* Total lattoo types!

"I want it! I NEED it!" was what I wanted to shout out loud and clear but however, I controlled my self with the fear of being kicked told off by my sister because I had just bought a pair of expensive Lavie shoes from the shoe galore! >_<

Then as fate had it, I came across this cutie pie yet again when we(sissys and me) had been to the second store of SS in the town to check out their collection. This time I was determined to buy it be whatever, but unfortunately the collection at this SS store was bleh so we had to walk out without buying anything.(Which includes my secret crush...i mean, Haute Curry wallet too :'( )

After a couple of days when I could wait no more, I did a good amount of buttering to my sisters and purchased the wallet by ShoppersStop's online store!

Now I am the owner of this 'Oh drool!' wallet. *Happy dance* :D Thanks to my sisters and their gifting nature :-*

Online shopping experience with coming up soon! Until then,share and spread the love <3

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