Review: Soulflower jasmine soap

Price:  INR 200 for 150 g
I don’t have very sensitive skin so iam open to trying out a variety of skin care, bath and body products. When I came across this organic and natural brand Soulflower I was eager to try it to pamper myself with vegan Luxury. I chose a rejenuvation set from Soulflower’s website which included a bath salt ,massage oil and this jasmine soap. (other reviews coming soon.)
Coming to my experience with this soap, I have a sensitive nose and cant stand strong smells but this soap was lightly scented and dint irritate my nose as such, but the light fragrance doesn’t linger on at all, I was disappointed because at that rice I expected myself to smell of jasmine atleats for an hour or two. The soap is lightly moisturizing and fared well on my dry skin.
The soap melts away fast so I cut it in small pieces to use it  (This trick I learnt from Shayoni’s blog)
  • Organic and 100% vegan
  • Nice mild jasmine fragrance
  • Lathers well and cleanses dirt nicely
  • Available easily online
  • does not irritate skin
  • Pricey. Very.
  • Smell doesn’t linger on after using it
  • Melts away easily (happens with all vegan stuff I guess)
Verdict: If you love organic stuff then this is a must try for you. Overall I think beauties with sensitive skin should definitely try out stuff from the soulflower range.
Rating : 3.5/5
Repurchase: at this price? no ! I will stick to Dove. But id love to try other soaps from soulflower once in a while to pamper myself.

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