Friday Fives: 5 ways to use Rose Water


Rose water has many beauty benefits and the best  thing about it is it suits all skin types. I include rose water in my beauty regime as a toner and love it for its aromatherapy. Here are five ways to use rose water.
As a toner: The cheapest toner out there. Ive already mentioned that I use gulab jal as a toner. it worked better than my lotus herbals toner especially in smell department.
For Under eyes: Rose water helps reduce dark circles and puffiness to a great extent. Refrigerate rose water and dip cotton balls in cold rose water and gently dab under eyes.
For hair care: Rose water can be used to wash hair as it acts as a natural conditioner and leaves hair with a mild fragrance.
As a cleanser: Rose water acts as natural cleanser removing dirt from face and tightening pores at the same time.
As a face freshener: Spray rose water on face to instantly feel fresh and add glow . This is especially helpful in summer.

So, to sum it up, Rose water is a boon from every angle! 

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