Street Wear Double Scoop Lip Gloss and Glitter in 'Fruitalicious' Review

Every teen has this first time cosmetic usage stage ! And this lip gloss by Revlon was my very first one !
The time I bought I was so sure I would finish it off within a few weeks that I had already imagined buying 2 more of these in other flavors !

Alas, I used it only thrice *sad face* . I stopped using it the very next minute I got my hands on a much better staying power wala lip gloss.

Revlon street wear fruitalacious
It was a favorite in my teens . I bought it from a Cosmetic store which was opened newly at Big bazaar.

Quantity :3.9 grams (glitter) + 4 grams (gloss).
Price :INR 120 (It cost me more! YES But I don’t remember how much *scratches head* )
Packaging : 2 tubs . One with the glitter and the other with the gloss. A thick layer of plastic underneath the product makes it a tad too heavy ! *eye roll* . Also application with fingers dipping and re dipping is not my types.

Ingredients : NOT mentioned.

Staying power and pigmentation : The glitter lasts for about 30 minutes to 1 hour , the gloss for 1 hour and the glitter+gloss for about 30 to 40 minutes depending on how many times you eat.  A lip swatch is a waste of time all you can see is a layer of purple Vaseline , for some reason, I just hated the glitter part.Street wear Fruitalicious revuew
It is a cute lip gloss for teenagers who step newly into the make up world. I would NOT recommend it for women aged 20+ !
I loved the concept of double scoop..
  • Cute packaging. (Thankfully the glitter and the product are in two different tubs!)
  • The gloss looks cute even without the glitter
  • Feminine fragrance #Ilike
  • Smooth and soft on application.
  • Gives a cute glowing purple color when swatched 4-5 times.
  • I like the name , Its kinda cute *wink*
  • If you are lucky enough to finish the product ,you can reuse the tub to store a home made lip balm *Kbye.*
  • Absolutely no staying power at all!
  • This being my first lip gloss ended up creating a mind set that glosses have no staying power during my teenage years! *Boohoo*
  • Unhygienic!
  • Insanely stickyyyyyyyyyyy!
  • The glitter is a waste of space and money ! WASTE ! I didn't use it even once.Tralalalala
  • The packaging is heavy and not travel friendly.
  • Reapplication is an issue for me ! Hence it’s a BIG con for me.
Revlon street wear

Also they are now discontinued (Guessing) . If you want to buy it please don’t waste time you will end up with an expired product .LOL.


Availability: You can still buy them on Ebay. (Yes yes guessing guessing) They are available in 3 different shades
Flirtalicious,Limealicious and Coffeelicious.

Will I repurchase it?
I will, once I finish of this one first, which is possible only if I use it on a regular basis.LOL joking I am not purchasing this ever.

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