Classics Pearl shine Lipgloss Review

Every girl should own a pretty everyday ear red and while I am not a fan of lipsticks, I am glad I have found my HG everyday wear Red lipgloss! 

I have had PATHETIC experiences with the brand Classics(immoral rates, poor quality and what not) but this gloss was like a breath of fresh air! 

The gloss looks quite opaque in the container but in reality its very sheer(see swatch below). I think its a good thing, as I wouldn't wear it on an everyday basis if it was opaque!

The staying power is a bit impressive when compared to other glosses in this price range.
It has a sweet mild aroma and the cute punch of red looks really pretty on the lips! 

Price: Rs 399/-

It reminds me of a balm I used to use in my college days, the only difference being the balm was around 30-50 bucks and this gloss is 500/-!

The packaging is cute but the writing fades off after a while. The list of ingredients is all there on the box.
I bought this from Limeroad.Com. You can go for this gloss, its real pretty but my sincere advice to you would be: Avoid buying any other product from the brand Classics! The quality they offer is really not fair for the pricing - You will be disappointed! 
BlingSparkle Rating: 3.5/5
Verdict: A decent every day wear gloss, one of the best products from the Classics brand!

Stay Gorge,

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