Basicare 24 Value Pack Makeup Wedges Review

Iam 20 something and don’t use much foundation. I have well behaved skin so I stick to BB creams and tinted moisturizers except for special occasions.
For my sisters marriage I had to apply foundation and thought it would be great to start using wedges instead of fingers, so I ordered theses basicare wedges. I actually wanted to order the 4 pcs pack but this 24 pcs pack was on discount and I though I could share it with my sister too Open-mouthed smile
Price: 350 INR for 24 wedges
The wedges come in a plastic bag which has complete instruction printed at the back. The wedges are white and very soft and the pointed edges makes application of foundation easier .
I was amazed at how easily these wedges blend foundation without leaving behind any streaks. I was using make up wedges for the first time and was awed, this is the best way to apply foundation because it gives a flawless natural finish. I recommend every to buy a pair of wedges and stop using fingers. They really make a world of difference, on the flip side though some foundation is wasted in this process as the sponge absorbs it .
I was using Maybelline dream mousse foundation which anyway blends easily so I thought I will try these wedges with a difficult to blend foundation. I used fennel ( super difficult to blend) foundation with these foundation and to my surprise even that looked great on me and blending dint take mush time either. So if you have a difficult to blend foundation which you want to finish you know what to do Open-mouthed smile
Cleaning these wedges is also easy and the wedges retain it shape well. Iam loving these wedges and will never use fingers again.
Coming to pros and cons
  • Very reasonably priced considering you get 24 pcs
  • Super soft
  • Easy to wash
  • Blends foundation in a jiffy
  • easily available at least online
  • Wastes foundation(but that’s an issue  with all wedges duh!)
  • hmm cant think of any other .
Verdict: Well by now you should know that I LOVE these wedges to core. They really are a boon  and a must have in every beauty kit. Go girls grab them .
Bling Sparkle Rating: 5/5

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