Interesting Facts about Lipsticks. Did you know?

Did you know these lipstick facts ?

Whether you slick it on every day or just when you’re going out on the town, lipstick — and the act of wearing it   is grand tradition dating back thousands of years.
scroll down for some really crazy facts about this pout-making product that may make you take pause the next time you pucker up.

Lipstick facts may not be of interest to many but here are a few that just might make you think. What I have listed below are a few facts which may just raise an eyebrow.

Lipstick secret ingredient
Most shoplifted cosmetic! Lipstick
Lipstick did you know!
Lipstick history
Lipstick longivity tips
Lipstick makes women feel confident

gothic-love-fashion-fwomen love lipstick
lipstick sell most in rainy days
And how many of you agree with this ladies ?
Lipstick quote
Lipstick lover’s find this stuff interesting ? Do leave a comment which of the facts surprised you the most, till then rock those lovely bold lipstick looks :D

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