Accessory Love: Jhoomar and Tips To Flaunt It

Jhoomar is a very traditional fan shaped accessory worn on the head in the right or left side along with a mang tikka. It is an essential part of bridal adornment worn by the bride on her wedding day but brides these days tend to skip it trying to keep it minimal I guess. As a bridal accessory jhoomar looks very elegant and royal giving a very Mughal era kind of feel.
If you are following me on twitter you would know I attended a wedding recently. This wedding like most other Indian big fat weddings was high on colour, bling and yummy food. What caught my attention most at this wedding was the modern approach to ethnic fashion. There were girls twirling away in fish cut lehengas, Girls wearing Black And White which used to be a complete NO at indian weddings and girls beautifully incorporating traditional jewelry trends like Jhoomar and hath phool without looking over the top.
The Royal Jhoomar has now been revamped  to make it suitable to be worn both brides and wedding guests. I am in love with this piece of accessory and iam looking forward to own atleast one jhoomar soon. Since the Jhoomar trend is not very common one finding a perfect piece is a task really and I couldn’t find any good ones on ebay, but my search is on and I will be checking out jewellery stores soon.
Jhoomar is a very versatile piece of jewellery and it can be worn in a number of ways. You can experiment with a jhoomar and wear it like an oversized tikka, put it in your hair bun or plait like a hair accessory or wear in on the left side of head like a jhoomar itself.
A Bride can wear a Jhoomar along with her other bridal ornaments and still look elegant, but if you arent a bride you should take some care as a jhoomar can crowd your entire look and come across as an attempt to upstage the bride.  Here are some tips to wear a jhoomar.
  • Try not to pair a Jhoomar with a mang tikka because you are not the bride. Let jhoomar be your only head accessory
  • When wearing a Jhoomar go easy on other accessories. Opt for a light earring and preferable no neck piece .
  • Jhoomar will work better if your ethnic outfits have a vintage old world charm to it.
  • Both side parted hair and middle parted hair work well with a jhoomar but refrain from adding volume to hair as the jhoomar may flatten it ruining your look.
.Iam loving this jewelry trend but obviously I cant wear it everywhere. I am definitely going to buy one but where is the right place to flaunt it?
  • Wear Jhoomar to a gurudwara wedding or nikkah where you will be wearing dupatta on your head. It will give a nice royal look when your Jhoomar peeks out of the dupatta.
  • Flaunt it off on Eid or diwali parties
  • Wear it to the Wedding reception of near and dear ones.
  • When your relatives or sisters or brothers are getting married a jhoomar for sangeet or mehendi will give variety to your entire wedding look.
What are your thoughts on this timeless piece of jewelry? Would you wear it ?

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