Dr Batra’s face wash with tea tree oil review.

Dr Batra’s face wash with tea tree oil review.
I have been using DR Batra’s gentle tea tree oil Face Wash since a few weeks and following is my take on it.I have now almost finished using this.
Quantity: 100 gm
Price: INR 175

Shelf life : 24 Months
Dr Batra’s face wash with tea tree oil review.

Ingredients: As seen in the image below.


Packaging: Travel friendly packaging , I love that its transparent and I get to see how much of the product is left everytime I use it also the transparent tube looks lovely . Cute packaging , something I really liked about the product, also the it is designed in such a way that we could squeeze the bottle gentle and get the desired amount of product without any hassles, also there is no product wastage . I totally loved the packaging.

Directions for use:Lather Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash. Massage gently into face and neck with fingertips in an outward circular motion. Rinse using clean water.


My experience with the product:
The Face wash is transparent gel structured orangish honey like liquid with small red colored beads in it. The consistency of the liquid is neither thick nor thin.I love to use this after i come from the office because the commuting makes my face all dirty and full of grime. It takes of all the dirt and oil and leaves me feeling fresh.It is an excellent face wash for summers. I have to say, it worked well for me even in these gloomy season. Bangalore may have beautiful weather conditions but no matter what after a long tiring day when you want to retire to bed you want a mild and pleasing shampoo which is also gentle to your skin. I am totally in love with this face wash. I find my skin smooth and clean after I use this. After a prolonged using of the face wash for two weeks I found my acne had decreased to a level. I have oily skin which is prone to acne, for me its either hormonal changes or too much oil intake that causes a acne breakout on my face but ever since I used DR Batra’s the acne breakdown has reduced to a certain level. I don’t have scars so I  ha no idea if the face wash could reduce scars .
The facewash deep cleansed my face gently and imparted an instant warm glow .The face wash also claims that Tea tree oil which is rich in antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties helps fight blemishes and since I don’t have any I cannot say if the the claim is true.
 Pros Of Dr Batra's Tea Tree Oil Face Wash  :
  1. Cleanses  and hydrates the skin thoroughly
  2. Mild and gentle on facial skin
  3. Travel friendly packaging
  4. Dermatologist recommended
  5. Contains the goodness of Tea tree oil,Vitamin E and B3.
  6. Does not dry out the skin post usage
  7. Mild fragrance
  8. Paraben free
  9. Imparts lasting glow on face
  10. Removes dirt effectively
  11. Repairs tissues
  12. Suitable for all skin types
Cons of Dr Batra’s Tea Tree Oil Face Wash:

  • Availability of the product. When I was out trying to repurchase it I couldn’t find the product in the local stores surrounding my home, though I had been told it was available in Bangalore, perhaps you could find them in supermarkets, I am yet to check and buy them there.

UPDATE 07/08/2014: I have come across Dr Batra's wonderful store locator(where they sell all their products). Now there'll be no availability problems I guess! :D 
  • Contains SLS.
Will I repurchase it? The answer is a definite YES !
Dr Batra’s face wash with tea tree oil review.

Rating: 4.5/5

Have you used it yet? Do let me know, till then..keep smiling and spreading love

Najm Nisa

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