Beauty Bytes: Of Makeup and Expiry dates

All our make up products have a shelf life and most big brands clearly mention the expiry dates . While chances of you going blind when using an expired eye shadow or mascara is like close to impossible but this may cause skin irritations so it is better to discard off old make up and in this post I give you some tips and guide you with tossing of your make up.
Mascara expires fastest or rather dries out and should ideally be changed every 4 months so I never purchase more than one mascara at a time . Use one tube, discard then repurchase. But this isnt true with other make up as I have more than a dozen lip sticks and glosses, blushes stocked at a time. More number of cosmetics to use means it is just that much more difficult to finish them all before expiry. With nail polishes it is easier because they last the longest and not too much infections can be cause on nails Open-mouthed smile.
I personally don’t care about expiry dates much and use products as long as they don’t smell fowl or loose it original colour and it helps that I have pretty well behaved skin which doesn’t have many break outs. 
When to throw your make up away:
  • Smells bad: If a product smells wierd, or very different from the time you brought it then irrespective of its shelf life toss it in trash.
  • Changes Colour: When Your  make looses its colour or changes some shades it is time to discard it
  • After Expiry Date: Like I mentioned above I don’t throw my make up away as soon as expiry date arrives but if you have very sensitive skin ugly break outs is the last thing you want. I recommend you follow all your expiry dates so you don’t add up to your skin problems.  Also when it comes to skin care and sunscreens even people with well behaved skin should follow expiry dates rigorously.
  • Separating Formulas: When your make up texture consistency changes or when there is formula separation like water and stuff discard! This happened in one of my tips and toes gloss, only watery liquid came out when I squeezed it. 
  • Eye infection: If you had an eye infection, see which eye products you used recently discard it!
Tips to increase life of your make up and make it Last longer:
  • Use clean sponges and brushes to remove make up packaged in a tub . This keeps bacteria at bay.
  • If using hands to remove product then wash it properly
  • Considering keeping your lipsticks in a refrigerator. Keeping products away from direct sunlight increases its life.
  • Close caps of your make up tightly , this prevents drying out .
  • Instead of using lipstick from bullet, use a clean lip brush
  • Avoid buying products packaged in a tub as much as possible as it is very unhygienic
  • When buying make up consider going for powder forms than liquid or cream stuff which don’t last that long
  • Store make up in cool dry place away from moisture and sunlight.
  • If nail polishes dry out, it can be mixed with some drops of polish remover to increase life
  • When buying Make up see manufacturing date and buy fresh stocks Only
  • Keep your make up tools clean and was you make up brushes regularly 
  • Done Share make up ever!
Do you follow expiry dates rigorously? please share how long after expiry you use make up.
Stay beautiful

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