Bump it! Volumizers review

I was on the look out for a few sturdy hairstyling products which will help me do some pretty hairstyles and I am really glad I bought these Bump its! 

Out of all the wonderful things a girl can try to create different hairstyles, Bumpits or volumizers score on the top! They affect they give is very pretty and totally satisfactory!

I bought this set of volumizers from Ebay.in. Ebay offers almost everything! I was stunned to learn that even the bigie websites like Flipkart and Myntra didn't sell bumpits but Ebay does! I was really elated when I placed my order as I was very very curious to try these for the first time! :D
As usual the shipping from Ebay took a while but when it arrived it made me real happy! The packaging was neat, no damages(Thank God!) Now it was time to try these in reality.

I started with one of the tiny ones. I watched a few very helpful Youtube videos on 'How to use Bumpits' before using them and learnt that it was so simple!

The Result: I LOVED IT! Yup! I have thin sleek hair and this bump it really added the much needed bump in the front and it looked Oh so chic!
These come in sponge versions too but I advise you to skip those and buy these thorny ones instead because these hold your hair better and stay put on your hair like FOREVER!

The pack I bought includes five bumpits of different sizes which you can choose according to the amount of volume you desire. The first three will look great in the front but the bigger two will look best for adding volume at the back/tip of your head!.
They above is the small slip tutorial which came along with the product. Doesn't help much so I would advise you to watch a good Bump it Youtube video instead! They come in a number of colours from black, brown, mahogany to blonde. You should buy the colour which matches your hair.
Price: I bought it from Ebay for 250/- (There was an offer going on. Cool na! :D) There are many brands and the price varies. You have many choices!

Any Cons?: I advise you to be careful when you wear these as the hair holding thorns are quite sharp and if by mistake you hit your head, it'll REALLY hurt!

Bling Sparkle Verdict: All in all its a totally amazing product girls. Its very easy to put and really looks amazing on your hair. It's my best hairstyle tool now. If yo have thin hair then you should really go for this. If you have voluminous hair than also you should go for this as it can really define your hairstyle! I love love love it!
Leave all those doubts aside and go for it like NOW!

Bling Sparkle Rating: 4.5/5 

Yay Or Nay?: If you can be a little careful, a total Yay! :D 

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