Bridal Banter: Lehenga v/s Gown

It really is a matter of personal choice as to what a girl wants to wear for her wedding reception. There are a plethora of options to choose from, a lehenga, a sari, a gown, an anarkali or the very recent fusion sari gown . But most brides choose a Lehengas and flared gowns for their wedding receptions and so here I debate what could be a better option.
Lehengas are more traditional while the gowns are more of a western concept, so I feel indian brides should opt for a lehenga rather than a gown. I mean think of it, Your wedding is the only one time where you can go over the top with everything and don a royale lehenga.
Moreover lehengas suit indian body types more than gowns and it would be a real tough task for you find a gown which suits your body type, is heavily embellished (you don’t want to look under dressed on ur Dday) plus looks elegant. Where as finding your dream lehenga wouldn’t be such a difficult task with so much variety available there all suiting indian body types.
Gown arent a complete No, infact many celebrity brides have worn a gown for their wedding. Amala Paul and genelia wore a gown but both of them wore a gown for their Church weddings and later even they ended up wearing a lehenga for reception. As for Ahana Deol, she was a lucky girl to have two receptions one in mumbai where she wore a lehenga and one in delhi where she opted for a gown.
Gowns make for a great choice if you are having a church wedding otherwise I feel indian girls should stick to Lehengas for wedding receptions. Ahana deol’s gown looks very cindrellaish and with her chuda it looks very mismatched and not too granduer. She looks more like a guest than a bride.
If you really want to include a gown in your wedding trousseau I suggest you wear one on your engagement and not on your reception.
What do you feel? Can gowns work well on brides for a wedding reception?

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