Friday Fives: Five things to do before you sleep

Night time is the best time to give your skin attention. Adequate sleep is very important for both healthy skin and soul! An average adult should at least sleep for seven to eight hours.

Here's a Bling Sparkle special, curated list of five things you should do before you sleep. For a healthy, happy life, make sure you carry this routine before you go to sleep!

#1: Wash your face with a good face wash:
This is a very important step! First remove all the traces of makeup from your face then use a good Face wash and cleanse your face. This helps control growth of pimples too. If you sleep without washing your face, the oil residue which accumulates throughout the day, damages the skin cells overnight causing pimples and skin irritation. Besides, it refreshes you and promises a sound, soothing sleep too.

#2: Moisturize!:
Once you have cleansed your face, don't forget to use a good moisturising cream to seal in the moisture. Your skin needs time to recover from all breakages caused through the day and leaving it moistened the entire night ensures that it heals. What's more! Moisturizing overnight gives skin a lovely glow in the morning and you won't have any makeup breakdowns caused due to skin breakouts!

Keep that phone aside, switch it off, there's no need to stick around it even now! Just relax and give yourself some me time. Meditation really has many benefits which rejuvenate not only your body, but also your soul! Just close your eyes, forget the world, take deep breaths and take Allah's name. Do this for atleast an hour. Start with ten to fifteen minutes before you sleep everyday and increase the timing to an hour. I swear nothing will refresh you and benefit you more than this!

#4:Wear your hair up:
Your hair contains certain oils and dirt which can cause skin breakouts so it's best to tie them up, braid them or pin them on the back of your head and only then go to sleep.

#5: Treat those eyes!:
In your whole body, your eyes are the ones which are the most sensitive and damage-prone. So it's important to take good care of them! Massage an under eye cream on your eyelids or take an ice cube wrapped in a cotton cloth and massage both eyes with it. You can also you an eyemask, just remember to refrigerate it before applying - really soothes and calms your eyes. I use Basic care eye mask, it's very effective and helps fight the puffiness.

Tada! You are done! Now switch off that cell phone, set your alarm clock and doze off to another magical world altogether! :)

We would love to hear your sleep regimes,

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