How To Use Bumpits

Hello lovelies!

If you remember reading my post on Bump its/ Volumizers, this post is going to be a kind of part two of the same! As a few of you wanted me to post the YouTube videos which I said really helped me learn all about Bumpits, here I am! But the point is I Googled my nuts out but still couldn't dig  the YouTube video I had watched(which was awesome!) so instead I had to settle on another tutorial which is well, awesome too!

Here's a very apt pictorial plus video tutorial for you from WikiHow(Love this website!)

Here is a video on some pretty hairstyles you can try using Bumpits:
I hope you get a grip on the whole thing concerning these Bumpits once you have watched all of these.

Until next time(which is going to be pretty soon ;)),

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