Ponds White Pimple Clear Face Wash Review

Were you a fan of Snow White when you were a kid? If yes then this face wash from Ponds is going to remind you of her. The beautiful pearl white packaging of this face wash is enough for you to like it on first sight but the icing on the cake is, this one as awesome on the inside as it looks on the outside :) Today I'll be reviewing it for you.

Three Words: Total Paisa wasool!

Claims: Removes excess oil,clears Pimples,reduces pimple related blemishes,reduces redness,calms skin,reduces blackheads, reduces whiteheads,smoothes roughness, tightens pores and brightens skin. Fights ten Oil & Pimple Problems for Clear, Fresh & Fairer Skin.
INR 75 for 50g

Shelf Life:
24 months
Bling Sparkle Views: 
This face wash from Ponds comes in a white tube with 'flip to open' travel friendly cap. It has a very sweet mild scent which makes you dreamy(the Snow White way)

I don't have blackheads nor do I have white heads, neither pimples so I wasn't sure whether the claim is really true. That's when Sissys used it and confirmed that it really works for blemishes and pimples!

What worked for 'ME' (Combination Skin)
*Removes even the slightest traces of makeup, cleansing the skin deeply.
*Gives a very refreshing feel to my skin.
*Calms skin and smoothes it
*Tightens pores
*Acts as a gentle exfoliator
*Definitely gives my skin a glowy effect.
*Lathers well

What worked for my Sister(Oily skin)
*All the above
*Removes excess oil 
*Reduces formation of pimples
*Fights redness

The Cons:
*Hate the 'whitening' tag. Nothing else! It's a fab Face wash otherwise :)
TIP: We advise combination/dry skin beauties to use a very small size lest it will dry out your skin.

Best Suited For: Oily skinned beauties!

BlingSparkle Rating: ****/5

Have you tried this face wash? What are your views on it? Do share!

Much Love,

P.S: Bought it from Myntra. Check out my haul post HERE

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