Lust Vs Must : Fuchsia outbursts!

As a little girl, pink was not just my favorite color but it was the fav color of almost all girl classmates of mine, simply because it was a color girls simply adored and loved. But now, fuchsia (the hot, high-fashion color) is loved by all the top-shot fashionistas and superstars. This year, there was a lot of flashy fuchsia dresses doing rounds on the runways and bollywood/hollywood appearances. Even the menswear line adored bright fuchsia colors, so dear fashionistas these dazzling fuchsia fashions are just the beginning of a truckload of coveted fashion finds!

Its the gloomy season , rains everywhere ! Look fierce this rainy season by brightening up your basics with a pretty pop of color. Our favorite trending color for spring is electric Fuchsia.  Yu can easily combine this bold color with either luminescent hues of yellow or dark navy shades or even the simple black. 
I just love it how fuchsia instantly livens up any look. Whether it’s utilized as a sexy lipstick shade or a pair of heels, you can’t help but be noticed in this pretty statement color.  (Ps: Shy fashionistas beware!)

One of the biggest trends this year in the fashion frenzy era is fuchsia, fuchsia, fuchsia – the vivid pink color is making appearances everywhere! I love the color but I was a little sceptical to try a lipstick shade in this shade but last month I bought a haute fuchsia Wet n Wild lipstick ! And there is no turning back , I have received numerous compliments and I can’t stay put to try more fashion products in the same color !

With so many gorgeous apparel and accessories in Fuchsia , it is a trend that every fashionista must try !
As the gloomy looms in on many parts of the world, darkness creeps in, and here to splash a bit of life and color into the lives of many are some flirty fuchsia fashions.

From makeup and art,apparel to accessories, to jewelry and interiors, it looks like fuchsia season is rocking and rolling!!!
If you’re interested in this Fuchsia Look for Less The below Lust vs must is a steal ! Go stock them Now !
Below is the Lust vs Must haves of mine for this week ! the Fuchsia outburts ! You can buy the must haves from limeroad !
lustvsmust Fuchsia
Lust vs Must ! Fuchsia high heels !
Fuchsia lustlist
Lust vs Must : Bags in the haute Fuchsia !
has the Fuchsia trend bugged you too? I am on my way to buy the Must , and for the ones we are lusting .. (God are you listening?)
Ps: Ever tried a fuchsia lip shade ? loving it? Do let me know!
Najm Nisa

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