Spiked Pink Sling ~ Currently Loving

The above hot pink gorgeous sling was a gift to me from my elder sister. ^_^ She bought it from Yebhi.com. They really have some amazing collection when it comes to bags and shoes! 

Anyways, here's why I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sling!:
*It's pink: :P 
*My tablet perfectly fits inside it. Now I use it whenever I want to drag my tab along with me and trust me, it covers and protects my tab perfectly! ^^
*Light weight
*There's a small pocket with a zip inside. I use it to secure my card and some cash.
*The leather: It's just Oh-so-awesome !

I tell you, I am really blessed to have such loving sisters and a caring small Bro who love to spoil me with their gifts! ^_^

Just wait till I show you what my lil' Bro gifted me this Eid....oh! It was so pretty and girly....touching moment! 
 You can follow me on Instagram for an update as I'll be posting its picture there soon. Until then, keep guessing! *winks*

Lotsa Love,

P.S: Did I tell you I bought a new laptop yesterday! ^_^ *happy happy wale grins* Yup! I am soooooo excited! Can't wait to write my first post from it! :D Pictures and the story behind it coming up soon on my personal blog :)

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