Raise Your Voice For A clean India #AbMontuBolega

Hygiene - This is a word which is still alien to many Indians.

In every other street you pass, you find an example of why India can never be compared to a developed Nation, hygiene wise!

Coming to the Rural areas, it's a more annoying case! It's only in movies that farms are beautiful because of course, you can't smell the actual torture the actors are facing!

Did you know farms are, yes farms(where all the food in the world is born) are the top chosen places for open defecation? Yes, sadly that's cent percent true!

A few blocks away from my town, there is this colony of slums which I assume is the most gruesome part of Bangalore. The highlight of that colony is an open gutter, several garbage dumping sites and every thing stinky and unhygienic one can think about.

I usually avoid that  colony but sometimes Bangalore's traffic gives you no choice hence I get to catch a few glimpses while passing the roads from that colony.

The five minutes which it takes to pass that colony will suffice for five years! The whole I block my nose but sadly it doesn't help that much. The stink of garbage mixed with that of the gutter kills your whole being to a point that you wish you were born noseless!

Two days back I got to pass that colony and I still shudder at that memory. You might think that the fact that there's a gutter there is why the people dwelling there can't help that stink but dear people! Please don't assume so, humble yours truly will tell you why!

Okay, so as soon as we entered this colony, hell broke loose! I am not even mentioning the gutter here, but the fact/man who bothered me was the amazing genius who I assume was 35-40 years old was peeing, yes PEEING in a whole which was in the middle of the road!!! *Shocking*

What was more gruesome was the fact that there were many people passing by and NO ONE felt the need to stop that man who didn't look like mentally disabled from any angle except for the amazing business he was doing in the middle of the road!!

I have vowed to avoid that colony to my best chances from now on!

It's situations like these and more for which we need to speak up and disagree. We need to let the Government know that all this is not going to work anymore! They have to provide proper toilet facilities.

This is my post for the amazing #AbMontuBolega campaign by Strepsils and Indiblogger.

A little about the campaign: There are many places that need cleaning, many people who deserve your attention and authorities who need to hear your opinions and thoughts! It's time to stop being a silent spectator and make a difference. This campaigns aims to to just that!
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