Beauty Blunders (Makeup mistakes) – Part I

We know that bad makeup (occasionally) happens to the best of us. Makeup is something women buy so they can make the whole thing flawless but when when they end up committing mistakes it can actually hide their natural beauty. Which is so not cool.

I'm sure you know (or at least think you know) what you're doing in terms of beauty tips and tricks. But you'd be surprised to find out that some of things you're doing might be causing more harm than good. You might be damaging your hair, causing split-ends, causing frizz and dryness without even knowing it! Here are some mistakes that you might be doing to beautify yourself:

Well there plenty of mistakes we might end up making and I’ll be posting hopefully most of them in the next few blogposts .

When it comes to looking after your hair and beauty, you might know what to do and what to use, but do you know what not to do? Here are some of the beauty blunders you may inadvertently be making.

Sleeping with makeup on:
You might have just returned from a party all tired and exhausted or back from work late night but hey there are no excuses for going to bed with your makeup on! This is by far the biggest mistake most women tend to make ! If you want to keep your face healthy and beautiful, make sure to wash off that makeup before you go to sleep. Not doing so can make your skin breakout, prone to allergies , dry and acne & pimples.Well it’s the reason you have makeup wipes out there! Or you could go the Johnson and Johnson's baby oil route followed with facewash. Just a few minutes spent cleaning your face could save you from some big problems down the road. Always remember, though, that practice makes perfect, and a great look requires work and attention to detail.

Too much blush:
Excessive use of blush might end up making you look like a clown. No really ! Avoid dabbing blusher on the apples of the cheekbones, unless you want to look flushed or hot *wink*. Instead pick a simple, neutral hued blush and using a large blusher brush, sweep it across the highest point of the cheekbones for an instant facelift. Trust me blushes should complement your natural blush tone !

Choosing the Wrong Foundation Color :
A wrong foundation color results in a creating a disaster. This is also the most commonly made mistake by most of the Indian women. They try harsher and whiter foundation even though their skin tone is dusky making them look cakey or aged. hence its important you avoid selecting the wrong foundation and concealer shade. Always pick a color that will match the skin tone, anything darker looks fake and anything lighter will leave you looking washed out and ghostly. Pick the SAME shade as your skin tone. I repeat always go for the exact skin shade.
You might have beautiful skin and the right application technique but that may not fetch you the look of a Greek goddess if you use the wrong foundation.

Using Makeup that's Not Age-Appropriate : A very common mistake most younger women tend to make is to apply makeup in a way that's not age-appropriate. For example, makeup with glitter isn't suitable for older women. Similarly, girls in their teens should avoid smearing on too much makeup because it can make them look much older.

Drawing attention to every part of the face:
Not being aware of the right makeup tricks might get you to over emphasizing features of your face. Most of the women strive for the look of smoky eyes, full pouting lips or chiseled cheekbones, but these looks should never be incorporated all at the same time. Choose one look to emphasize your best feature and use it to play up your beauty in a classic and defining way that will set you apart from the crowd, but won’t end up making you look out f the place.
Also this is something I found on pinterest and could not resist sharing it with you’ll.

Until next time. Take care.

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