5 Simple and Effective DIY Home Remedies to try

It has been a while since a friday five was featured in here but here I am bringing you a beauty and skin care edition of fab fives.

All of us pamper our skin with luxurious skin care products to keep our skin glowing, nourished and beautiful . But these products have an overload of chemicals which is best avoided. Including some inexpensive home made DIY beauty remedies in your beauty regime is always a good idea.
I am big time lazy and Do It  Yourself stuff is just not for me, but ive discovered some very easy and effective remedies which involve easily available stuff from the kitchen. Do try them
Lip scrub :
Brown sugar+ Almond oil + Honey
I mix the three in a spoon and scrub, wash, exfoliating done. Try this once a week and you will never have to buy any lip scrub ever. But make sure almond oil you use is 100% organic. you can even replace almond oil with jojoba oil.
Detan with a Tomato:
This one is the easiest of all. Just slice a tomato and and rub on your face and neck for a good five minutes and done. Do this every second day for a glowing tan free skin. You can top the tomato  slice with a little yoghurt for better results, but that’s a bit too much work for lazy bums like me! Also I am too busy to try this every second day . But this works like charm
Besan Face pack:
This works well for dry skin . Mix almont oil , a pinch of turmeric and besan and apply on face for moisturized skin. Wash off after it is dry (15 minutes or so)
Banana and almond oil hair mask:
Mash up a banana and mix with one tablespoon of almond oil. Massage this mixture into hair , especially the ends  and leave for 30 minutes. Was for smooth soft hair. This mask helps protect natural elasticity of hair and locks in the moisture. I do this in winter.
Condition hair with Warm coconut oil:
This isnt really a DIY as such but I use virgin coconut oil religiously to tame my dry hair. Coconut oil deep conditions and moisturizes hair like no other serum can. I oil my hair with warm coconut oil and leave it overnight for best results. Apart from adding shine and stength to my hair coconut oil also acts like a soothing balm for me relieving stress.
These are real simple DIY remedies I recommend to all. Do try incorporating these in your beauty regime and cut down on pimples.

Stay beautiful

~ Kamar jahan

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