Comfort Of Truth

Truth has its own aura and essence. No matter how believable and comforting a lie might be, it always fails to truth in the end!

One such incident happened with me in my life. It not only taught me how truth was the ultimate answer for every situation but also made feel the beauty and comfort offered by honesty.

When I was in my high school, our school had kept a send off for the tenth standard students in our school. We being a part of the high school were a part of the farewell party.

Farewells meant fun and a lot of rule breaking. My parents had taught me to always let them know about my whereabouts and my plans for the day if any.

One day before our farewell, my friends gathered for a meeting and decided to hangout after the farewell and the place they had decided was a mall very far away from school and a place I had never been to. I knew I had to take my parent's permission and go only with their consent but a devilish voice in my head said me that my parents would decline the idea and not let me go. Whatever the reason, I decided to keep the truth out and instead of telling my parents that the farewell would end by 1:00 I lied to them that it would end and 5:00 saying it was a very long function.

So at 1:00 when the whole farewell party had come to an end, I tagged along with my friends to that mall hoping to have the time of my life. But what happened was exactly the opposite!

The whole way to that mall, I was overcome with a strange splurge of guilt. While all my friends chatted and had fun, the only thing which kept tugging on me was the fact that my parents were not aware about this and I had lied to them.

The mall was beautiful but not alluring to my eyes and I was just too overcome with guilt to enjoy the moment. All my friends had asked permission while I had lied to my parents.
We dined at a beautiful hotel inside the mall but I didn't order anything inspite of my friends even willing to give me a treat. My bestie noticed that I was not happy and confronted me about it while sitting on a table. I told her what was killing me and how I wanted to call up my parents and tell them the truth right now. My wonderful friend mirrored my feeling and said that I better make it fast as there was a movie planned next and I would never enjoy it if I didn't get rid of the guilt. So, I borrowed one of my classmate's phones and called up mom.

She was angry with me and asked my why I was calling her and telling now. I told her that I was sorry and I was calling because the guilt was eating me up. I could sense my mom smiling. At last she told me that it was okay and that I should never repeat this behaviour again and asked me to enjoy the evening and also told me that she wouldn't mind if I was a bit more late. My happiness knew no bounds. The truth had comforted me and I felt like I just won a battle... an inner one!

I enjoy the evening and learnt a beautiful thing that day :)

The above TVC so beautifully describes the same thing!!

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