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Hello everybody!
A month back my ink jet printer crashed and when we took it to the repair guys they said they would charge about 3k for the printer . And we were left open mouthed, because hey you could get a new ink jet printed in 3k. So what if our printer was a HP printer acquitted with fax, scan and printing. It was over. that is when the search for a new printer began. And we wouldn't settle till we got the best one! And then Amazon happened ! After a lot of comparison of prices we found that no other site could beat Amazon when it came to printers and prices !
So within the next few days we zeroed upon a laser printer that had the feature of photo copying ! yayy! Just that it did not have fax but it was a godammn Samsung Multipurpose laser printer !
To seal the deal was the GOSF sale and the discount on the Laser printer we ordered just doubled ! Tralala ! Wasting no more time we ordered the printer immediately!
And guess what Amazon is awesome ! Because:
1. Discounts did not waver off after the GOSF sale (the discount happened during the GOSF but remained even after it ended , ie is when we bought , just after the GOSF had eneded!)
2. We get regular updates on our order through mails and SMS!
3. Absolutely loved the packaging!
4. It was bubble wrapped and came with some more extra protection !
5. The product was in perfect condition! And the installation was easy peasy , thanks to theinstruction guide!
6. The Amazon product page has helpful reviews from past buyers which helped us choose a good printer!
7. The overall packaging even after we opened package was awesome ! You can see it clearly in the pictures !
7. Free Shipping ! Plus delivery with 3-4 days after ordering ! That’s pretty fast ! ( But it just couldn’t beat Flipkart here!)
Although the only thing that we disliked was the plug in of the Samsung which required a Max size plug point . But that’s just a minor gripe. I would recommend this printer to each and everyone looking to buy a affordable multipurpose laser printer ! Its very good ! Just make sure you have enough space, it’s a tad bit huge than we expected it to be!

The model of the printer is :
Functions: Photocopying, scanning and printing. Prints both color and black ink pages.
Price: Priced at INR 12,999. We got it at a discounted price of INR 6,888 from ! Now selling at even less for INR 6590 !
Brand: There’s no need to go gaga over the famous and loved brand Samsung ! Plus Samsung has given the product a warranty of about two years ! We are just happy people haha!
Loved the overall experience of shopping at Amazon and guess what I already placed my second order (Ear cuffs ) *Jump of joy* on Amazon ! Can’t wait for it to get delivered Will be up shortly on the blog!
BlingSparkle rating : 4/5
Until next time <3
Najm Nisa

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