Dr batras natural milk review

Price: Rs.100/- 
Quantity: 100 ml
Shelf life: 2 years from Manufacture

What the brand says:
Deep-pore cleansing milk enriched with nature's wonder herbs - Echinacea and Chamomile
  • This natural cleansing milk gently cleanses the skin leaving it clear and refreshed
  • Chamomile extracts improve the texture and elasticity of the skin
  • Soapnut, with its natural cleansing properties, gently removes make-up, dirt and grime from the skin
  • Echinacea, with its natural antiseptic properties, helps in keeping skin healthy
Availability: Available in all their clinics. Check out this page for more.

My Experience:
I don't use makeup removers much. It is always baby oil or baby wipes for me. But lately my eyes skin has become extra sensitive and I can't rub my eyes with oil, it has become painful and not satisfactory! This cleansing milk by Dr Batras is my first makeup remover and a favorite at that!
The best thing about this cleansing milk is that it does not give you the feel that you are using chemicals but instead it gives you the feel of using a natural product... a thicker version of milk I would say!
It does its job nicely, removing all the dirt from my skin without hurting it or letting it loose it's moisture. I use it whenever I am back from an outing too...Bangalore pollution you know!
It has never given me skin irritation or any other negative sign, its all smooth and butter-like to my skin. 

As mentioned above, this wonderful cleansing milk contains Echniacea, known for its antiseptic properties. It also contains chamomile. So it's super hydrating  and effective at the same time!

I haven't given a swatch here coz it's perfectly like milk...A thicker version of it!!
The Pros:
*Removes makeup/dust/impurities from skin
*Smell is good and not overpowering
*Leaves your skin smooth
*Close to natural
*Very Affordable
*Doesn't leave skin dry
*Packaging is sturdy
The Cons:
*Very runny formula
*Waterproof makeup doesn't budge unless you use it 2-3 times!

All in all it's a wonderful cleanser which acts effectively without upsetting your skin. You really need to give it a try!

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