Winter Hairstyles for Men and Women

Winter is the season which does not go along well with your hair. Split ends, dry frizz, static electricity are some of the main problems your hair face in the winter season.

At this time maintaining your hair making it look good is a real task. I love my hair and reasons like seasons are not enough to stop me from playing with them by trying out different hairstyles :)

Today at Bling Sparkle I will be sharing some simple yet amazing hairstyles one should try out in winters and guess what? I have some options for men too! *Couldn't resist including these hotties in my post ;)*

For Women:
 Split ends need a check during the winters so make sure you chop them off... that's first step towards a happy hair season! Most of the beautiful ladies prefer short hair during winters, being a long hair lover I would never advise you to do that but can't agree more that it really helps if you are a working woman! The above hairstyle are best for a working day. That bun is not OTT yet pretty luscious at the same time! When your wearing you winter beanies then letting your hair down looks very pretty. The third hairstyle is pretty too. Short hair with hints of color are totally IN!
Be it summer or winter or for that matter any season, braids be the best! Nothing can beat the comfort level of braids. The above braids give you a gorgeous and funky look. Flowers simply add to the beauty of hair!
 For Men:
If you have curly hair, it's time to experiment and try crazy hairstyles! The messy curly mushroom look is totally hot.
The porcupine hairstyle never gets old! The above one has defined pokes which makes it even more appealing.
If you have extra silky hair I think you should go for the third cute boy look!

Comfort friendly men, the sleek hairstyle id for you. It's our hottie Leonardo De Caprio's favourite too!
Messy hair looks the hottest on men. The last two oh-so-suave looks are totally recommended! ^^

Tip: Do not expose your hair to harsh chemical products especially during the winters. Mix a little gelatin in equal amount of water and use it as a hair gel instead!

Wishing you all a happy hair Winter,

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