50 Simple Tips to tackle and beat Stress

Life in todays times is overloaded with obstacles and frustrations.Stress at these times can be helpful in helping you thrive to difficult situations but stress should be a driving force and not an obstacle. So, here I present to you 101 ways to relax yourselves in tense situations helping you keep Stress at bay
    1. spend a few extra minutes in the morning to prepare yourself for the days events when stress is on a high
    2. go for a long walk in a natural setting like park or field and feel the sun on your face.
    3. Focus on hard work & not result - this way you will achieve more & remain stress free
    4. Follow your heart and forget the haters
    5. Make time for hobbies and interests to keep stress at bay
    6. cook a delicious meal ,and don’t rush through a meal, savor every bite.
    7. Get a good night’s sleep and wake up everyday with stress free fresh mind .
    8. Simplify life. Simplify your routines, your commitments, and have less stress as a result.
    9. Don't take stress negatively. Take it as a challenge. Defeat it. You will be happy at last.
    10. Laugh at your problems!!! remember if u keep ur environment happy ofcourse it will reflect on u
    11. Go out of home. Travel & Explore new cultures & traditions.
    12. Takes many funky and fun Selfies, stay stress-free
    13. Take It Easy and go shopping as shopping is better than going to a psychiatrist
    14. Give more time to Wife and not WIFI. A happy wife means a happy you
    15. Go for a hair spa..Best way to stress out
    16. paint something beautiful or interesting. Painting always helps as you focus on each stroke
    17. Scream your lungs out in an empty space, works wonders
    18. Think about people who are less fortunate than you. your problems see minute when you picture the overall problems of the world
    19. Close your eyes and put your ears up to a seashell. Picture the waves on a sandy beach in your mind  as you listen
    20. Play With your Pets
    21. Sports Are Definite Stress Busters , Play your favourite sport
    22. Go out and click some cool photos
    23. Try not to multi-task. To lead a stress-free life don't take too many things in hand.
    24. Playing with your children/nieces and nephews has a calming effect. I have tried this personally
    25. Family outings are the best way to keep stress away, plan a simple picnic when the going gets tough.
    26. Solve some soduku puzzles
    27. Drink some Coconut Water , it is Healthy and has calming effect on body helping you stay Stress Free
    28. Surround yourself with positive people in person or online
    29. Get somes doses of Moms HUG, one is enough to drive all stress away
    30. Remember school days and the exercises you did back then? Practice them once again,nostalgic memories can also help in relieving stress!
    31. Watch sunrise or sunset ! Soothe and nurture your soul by enjoying these simple, natural pleasures.
    32. Dance your problems away.. not the posh salsa stuff, try  bollywood item latka jhatkas . turn up the music and dance like no one's watching
    33. Welcome humor . A good laugh goes a long way, read some witty tweets or jokes
    34. Take out the family photo album and See your childhood photos.
    35. Dont take advice from every random person you meet. Do what your heart says.
    36. Get enough sleep.When stressed, your body needs additional sleep and rest
    37. Spend time on something you are passionate about.
    38. Face your Problems, dont Facebook them.
    39. Friends Are the biggest stress busters and hanging out with them can take u out of any situations
    40. Stop watching depressing stuff, watch shows like comedy circus, comedy nights with kapil and  laugh it away like a maniac
    41. Loose yourself into a good book.
    42. Look back into your Scrap Book smile and forget stress as it has many happy memories recorded in it.
    43. Make a phone call to a friend and pour your heart out. This is a great stress buster.
    44. Spend quality time with your loved ones
    45. A warm water bath in the evening can be a good stress buster
    46. Try aromapathy. wear your favorite perfumes or light scented candles for a relaxing sensation
    47. Go on a long Drive with your favorite music as company and you will be all NEW
    48. Read Positive Novels , they help relax your Mind n Soul
    49. Spend alone time with yourself, find a friend in you
    50. pamper yourself with a trip to shopping or a day at Spa
The key is to Stay happy .There's going to be a lot of stress in life, but it's our choice whether we let it affect us or not.
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