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The BeautyHollist : Makeup bites( Bling sparkle)
Have you ever looked at someone at a wedding and gaped at them starting from their shoes and then when you come to their face you wrinkle your nose in dis appreciation? No, I am not being racist but what I am talking here is about the inappropriate makeup ! So many beautiful dresses so little beauty.
I have often seen women who are beautiful wear beautiful dresses still end up looking gross on occasions.
Here are a few makeup tips to keep in mind while keeping the shade of the dress color you are going to wear.
Makeup should be matched appropriately with your attire or else even after so many efforts you’ll end up looking dull , jarred, out of place or like even end up smiling like a Christmas tree.

Here are five things to be kept in mind while doing your makeup so you can get the Makeup that makes you glow!

1. Occasion : It is important your makeup must be appropriate and done according to the occasion. You cannot wearing bold lip color to a temple or a your kids parent teacher meeting, neither can you opt for a soft makedo while attending a wedding. One must know what works for them and what NOT to wear . Smokey eyes would look out of the place if worn on a spring date. Always remember to dress according to the occasion !
2. Audience : This must always be considered, it its for a family function its best you opt for soft lip colors (Or is it just me) For a party you can experiment, for festivity play safe and make sure you are
3. Outfit : If the outfit you are donning is heavy, embellished or f a bold color , opt for soft makeup or just emphasize on feature on your face. Don’t do bold lip color along with heavy eye makeup. trust me it does not work for all.
4. Jewelry : If you are wearing jewelery then cut down on the makeup. Too much  jewelery when paired with a lot of makeup clashes and makes you look like you are trying too hard!
5. Knowledge : Yes. Its very important you know which lip color to pair with the right dress. Know the makeup trends. Don’t be afraid to try something new. And when you wear something wear with confidence.
Along with all of these it is also important that you wear makeup in which you feel comfortable. Don’t opt for a bold lip and then resent it when you reach the venue because you think it makes look harsh or you are scared about people’s opinions. If you think you look lovely, just go for it , if you aren’t comfortable then drop it. Its best to wear makeup that you are happy with. Makeup that is heavy or you are not sure of should always be avoided.
Here are a few pictures where celebs got a ten on ten on their makeup when it came to their outfits.
The perfect makeup on Chitrangana compliments the peachy nude gown perfectly. Just a hint of blush and the open wavy hair does wonders for her!
Yami-Gautam-In-Sonali-Gupta-At-A-Jewelry-Store-Launch-In-Lucknow-1 (1)
Yami gautam with the winged eyeliner and coral peach lip color tops the perfectmakeup look. The dress it was embellished I am glad she kept the makeup sweet and simple.
Regina in Ridhi Mehra does complete justice when it comes to makeup here ! I wouldn’t want to change anything here ! You can go take a tip or two from here. Always opt out on jewelry and bold lip color when you have a lace soft and vibrant toned dress on you!
Tamannah looks like doll ! No its not just the dress but the makeup too adds tp the doll factor ! Sweet ruby pink lip color and a flowy gown ! *girl crushing happening*
Sophie Chaudary is one woman who never fails to deliver the best when it comes to makeup. this is one of her recent appearances and do I have to tell she looks lovely!
Sonakshi excels the makeup here! Given the dress itself was heavy and stark red , Sonakshi opting for light nude pink lip color and minimal jewelry makes the whole outcome lovely!
Neha dhupia is one star who knows what she is doing . Always. Love her flawless makeup here.
Soft makeup with an updo is now the way to go , which was what Kangana does here! Nude lip color with greys and pinks is the new makeup trend ! Next time you want to try the nude lip color you know which color to wear !
Always trust sonam kapoor to rock every makeup look she dons. Loving her makeup here!
Until next time.
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