Rise Above your fears ~ Sunday Inspirations!

“There is no illusion greater than fear.”
I can't agree more with this beautiful quote! Fear is an illusion which can destroy you if you don't overcome it.

Fear is common in every human being. It is present in different shapes and forms inside different people.

Since a long time I was a victim of Atychiphobia, the fear of failure. This fear ruled over me and never let me live a confident life as a child. I was scared of failure, so much that winning never befriended me too.

I was always that student who never failed in any subject but never got good marks too. The main reason behind this was the fact that I feared failure and worked hard to battle it instead of aiming for winning.

I had it in me, it was just that I was too scared to admit it.

When I was in my sixth standard, much to my dismay, my teachers forced me to participate in cultural activities and team sports. That was the time when I was battling nightmares.

Then came examinations... I was a nervous wreck before every exam and images of what would happen if I failed would keep flashing in my mind and I would hardly concentrate on the paper due to my nervousness.

I used to envy my classmates, especially the toppers who seemed to excel in whatever they did. Fame was for them. I often dreamed of me being a part of them but every tie i tried to work on my dream, atychiphobia would stop me and bind me with its chains.

Fearing failure had made me a failure... until one fortunate day that is!

I remember that day... a day which changed my whole life a built a storm inside me. It was the results day of my class eighth and a nervous and a 'scared-as if-someone-is-going-to-bit-me' self tagged along ith my mother to check out what the fates had in bait for me. I remember how I had started shivering even before I entered my class and had seen the face of my class teacher...

"Your daughter has got the third rank!" A smiling teacher had told my shocked Mum while I stood there numb. No! No! I heard it wrong! I kept telling myself and accepted it only when  saw the marks card formyself. A strange feeling took over me... i was happy beyong calculation. That proud look in my Mom's eyes and that reassurance from my class teacher that i had the potential and a dozen congratulations from my classmates made my life!

That day I was a different woman. Being amog the toppers had rung a string inside me and i knew things would never be the same. I had tasted success and i wanted more... so much more! I wanted to win the whole world, to win... yes WIN!!

After that day there was no stopping, i worked hard and made sure that i excelled in everything i did and those which i lost, i accepted them as experiences. I realized that battling failure would only enslave me to it so i accepted it and took it as a learning experience.

Then came the day when not long after, I was appointed as the school captain. Yes... a school captain! *Happy tears* That memory still remains undeterred inside me. It is one of the most treasured moments of my life... a moment which will always remind me that fearing failure will only hold you back, in order to succeed in life you have to overcome it and rise above that fear..!!

The Dew film below is an example of the same. It gives this beautiful message that only when you battle your fears will you be able to live a complete life where there is no space for regrets.

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