Schwarzkopf BC Repair Rescue shampoo and conditioner Review

I have dry skin and as if that was not enough I have very dry split end prone hair and to add to the problem list winter has arrived. The Schwarzkopf Professional range lands up at a right time on my door step promising me to rescue and repair my dry damaged hair.
I have been using the Shampoo and conditioner and the mask (which will be reviewed separately) duo from Schwarzkopf Bonacure Professional range fo  about  2 months now and this I feel has been tested enough to bring you a detailed  review.
Price and Quantity:
For shampoo – 750 INR for 250 ml
For conditioner - 750 INR for 200 ml
Shelf Life: 36 months
Range Reviewed: Bonacure Hair Therapy Repair Rescue
Packaging: Both the Shampoo and conditioner come in a white slender can with a red cap.   I love this classy red-white packaging , it gives a very elegant feel especially because I haven't used shampoos packaged in a can before. The packaging is easy to use but not too travel friendly simply because it is big in size.100_7806
Fragrance: The best thing about this is the scent.I love the pleasant scent of both shampoo and conditioner which lingers on lightly for atleast 24 hours after use . If you love your products to be scented you should definitely give this a try
My Experience with the Bonacure Hair Therapy Repair Rescue Shampoo :
The shampoo is white in colour and has a pretty runny consistency  . It foams well so a little bit is enough to clean dirt but if hair is oily two washes maybe necessary. In fact I have been using the same bottle for 2 months and there is atleast half of it still remaining .The best part about this shampoo is the smell which acts like  therapy giving a feeling of being in a luxurious salon or spa. The after effects are amazing as my hair feels silky soft , smooth and manageable. My hair fall problems also seem to have gone with the wind after I started using this . This shampoo has also added much need shine to my dull hair.  Iam totally loving this shampoo.
My Experience with the Bonacure Hair Therapy Repair Rescue Conditioner:
The conditioner which is also white is thicker in consistency and has the same fresh salon like scent. The shampoo as I said earlier does great job of adding shine and making my hair manageable so as such I don’t need a conditioner. But using this adds moisture to my hair and makes them shiny.
I have used the shampoo alone and I feel if you are using this shampoo you don’t need extra chemicals . This conditioner was needed when I started this range and my hair needed a lot of repair rescue but after a month I have stopped using the conditioner and have reserved it for occasional use when iam having real bad hair day and  my hair needs deep conditioning.
Summing up the pros and cons of BC Repair Rescue Shampoo and conditioner Duo:
The goods:
  • Shampoo lathers well and only a little amount is required
  • Cleans hair well and makes it smooth and silky
  • reduces hair fall by a huge margin
  • Makes hair very manageable even if you don’t condition religiously
  • Delivers what it promises. Hair repair indeed and fast at that
  • Rich pleasant fragrance like the one you experience in salons. Bonus , it lingers for a day or two
  • Easily Available at salons and online.
The Bads:
  • The smell can be too over powering for sensitive noses
  • Pricey Sad smile . On the higher side but totally worth it as the results really show
BlingSparkle Rating:
For Shampoo: ★★★★/5
For conditioner: ★★★★/5
Verdict: Overall I loved this range and it has worked wonders for me. If you have damaged hair issues then I totally recommend this range to you. You should at least try the shampoo if not the conditioner and see the amazing results.
Have you tried this BC Cell Therapy Repair Rescue Range yet? What are your thoughts ? Please do leave your comments . We love hearing from you Smile
Stay Beautiful
*PR sample

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