Simple Tips to stay hydrated this winter

We all love the cool weather and layering of clothes in Winters but this season comes with its own problems. Annoying flaky skin , itchiness, chapped lip all demand extra attention and to keep it looking smooth and hydrated .

Here are some tips to stay hydrated and glowing naturally in winter

Cleanse-Moisturize-Exfoliate- More Moisturize: The CTM routine needs to be rigorously followed in winter as skin types change and dry skin gets drier. But it is important to  keep the toning to minimum and exfoliate dead skin atleast once a week as exfoliating allows skin to absorb a moisturizer better. Also switch to a richer oil based moisturizer if your skin still feels dry.

Drink Water: Thirst does not come naturally in winter so it is important to keep reminding yourselves to drink 6-7 glasses of water daily to stay hydrated from the inside. Drinking coconut water also helps in staying hydrated and healthy.

Eat fresh Fruits: Adding water rich fruits like grapes to your diet is helpful when drinking water in winter can get boring. In addition to fruits even fresh fruit and vegetable juices can be taken to kep yourself hydrated

Warm Water Bath: It is freezing cold but having hot water baths will only cause harm to your skin drying the moisture. so opt for warm water baths. Apply Moisturizer after bath when your skin is still damp to lock the water in. Also make sure you use a good moisturizing soap and avoid shower gels in winter.

Apply Sunscreen: People tend to avoid sunscreens in winter and as a result the winter sun rays cause a lot of harm to skin. Apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 atleast 30 minutes before stepping out.

Lip Care: Lips get chapped in winter and require extra care. Use Chap sticks with Jojoba oil, vitamin E and Shea Butter to hydrate lips . Don’t lick your dry lips, it will aggravate the damage. Scrub lips with a lip scrub (honey+almond oil+sugar)  once a week and try using moisturizing lipsticks.

Stay warm

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