Double linked knuckle rings: Bridal Couture #TrendAlert

Double finger linked knuckle rings Trend alert Bridal
It must have come to your notice that finger rings are now not just contained two one finger joint or one finger for that matter !With changing times even jewellery trends are constantly changing. Fashionistas are now opting for stacked up, statement and sprawling across the hand, unusual rings which have become the essential jewelry trend for 2015. Crystal Leaf Double Linked Knuckle Ring are the raging trend catching up with all wedding frenzy women out there! And guess who is the new one to join in the trend? Non other than your very own bling sparkler Winking smile
recently knuckle rings were mostly popularized by pop star  Rhianna and India’s style diva Sonam Kapoor! This style’s omnipresence has led to many women going the Knuckle ring way!
It likely started as a cooption of brass knuckles, then came the knuckle linked chain two finger ring!Fashion has been changing and more and more people are becoming open to try new things off the trending styles. Knuckle rings haven’t quite reached the same popularity as double and triple finger rings, but they are just as jarring when you see someone wearing one.  They seem to scream “TRY AND IGNORE IT “ or ‘ ILL GIVE YOU A DOLLAR FOR EVERY TIME ANYONE IGNORES THIS’ ;)
Two finger knuckle ring, online shopping
  I got this off from Ebay after I searched the whole net via Google image sent by one of my friends on Whatsapp (YES I like the ring so much!) And finally the search ended on ebay ! But recently I came across a similar ring in Amazon for a 200 bucks Higher price and on Instagram at a lower price then I bought it.
I ended up ordering two of them in two different models and I paid INR 999 for each ring  ! Me and y sister loved the rings we bought for ourselves ! You’ll find the same knuckle ring on Quikr in the range between 1200-1500 but buy it from instagram sellers they are giving away the ring at a rip off price for INR700 ( I know I wish I could’ve have checked on instagram :(  ) But hey no regrets it’s a beautiful ring and I can’t wait to flaunt them !
How it looks when your wear two finger ring
This is how it looks when you wear it. Cool isn’t it ;-)
But one must be careful wile accessorizing this ring. As its blingy you tend to keep other accessories minimal ! A perfect attention grabbing accessory for weddings ! A must buy for all ring frenzy girls ! Go for it! The very thought of adding some glitz and glam to your knuckles makes you twirl with happiness. Make an edgy statement with this linked two finger knuckle rings and stay away from adding huge rings and bracelets to your hands.
Double finger knuckle fashion ring. trend alert
full finger ring linked two fingers
Two finger rings.
Jewelled Bliss
Jewlled insects
Jewelled Insects
Have you bought yours? If not buy it from here NOW !
Happy shopping
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Until next time
Happy shopping
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