Gujarat University ~ A Review

Today, allow us to take you on a virtual tour of one of the largest and oldest Universities of the Gujarat state, Gujarat University.

Gujarat University is an affiliating university with over a stunning number of 350 affiliated colleges, more than 50 affiliated post-graduate centres and 35 different post-graduate departments. The university spans over eight districts like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Panchamahal, Dahod, Mahisagar, Gandhinagar, Kheda, Anand, and two union territories, covering a significant geographical area of India.

Gujarat University was advanced out of the 'Ahmedabad Education Society', a major educational organization in Gujarat. This university was established after the Independence of India on 23d November 1949 under the Gujarat University Act. The formation of this university was first recommended in the 1920s by leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Amritlal Hargovinddas, Gurpreetsingh Dang, Sanjaysinh Sisodiya and Anand Shankar Dhruv.


The campus of this university is spread over a stunning 260 acres of Navrangpura, Ahmedabad. It's affiliated colleges are spread across the whole of Ahmedabad and some neighboring places too.


Department of Youth Welfare: 

The Department of youth Welfare was introduced the same year the Gujarat university was established, with a motto to give sound platform to the impressive talents of the young students educating in the University. this is not all but the university has a separate department for the youth too. The Department of Youth Welfare is mainly targeted towards organizing cultural programs and developing the personality of these students.



This universities has one of the most stunning libraries of India with over 3, 35,000 books. Each year nearly 5000 books are added to the library. The library is subscribed to above three hundred periodicals in number of topics.  Besides the main library, the university also has small libraries attached to all the different schools and departments of the institute. That said, the students can get their textbooks and other reference books from here very easily. All these books to the smaller libraries are issued from the central/main library of the university.

Health Center: 

The health center of this university was set up in the year 1962 and is quite efficient and well equipped. This health center was built in the University Campus to provide health care facilities to the students.

Reading Center: 

A peacefuo place to read and do your homework is very vital for education! I have always loved reading centers as they are peaceful, well- equipped and just what one needs to buck up for an examination. The Gujarat university has a Reading Center of its own too where students can come and read the books they want to. This reading center was inaugurated by Honourable Chief Minister Late Shri Babubhai J. Patel in the year 1977.  This reading center is adjacent to the central library of the university. With the capacity of providing reading space for over 400 students, this is one real unique feature of the university!

Sports Complex: 

Education is never complete without the right mix of sports with books! Some of the biggest sports stars of India started it quite young from their schooling days hence, it's very vital that a Univeristy has good sports facilities too. This helps people recognize the hidden talents inside some of the students. The Gujarat University has its own huge sports complex located inside the campus. This sports campus has all kinds of sporting facilities like Tennis, Hockey, Gymnastics, Football, Cricket, etc.

Internet Access Center: 

What's the fun when you don't have free wifi? ;) It's a fast developing world where Internet is playing a major role. Hence, an Internet center is vital too.  The Gujarat university has an Internet Access Center of its own which provides both the students and the faculty with a high speed and breeze-like broadband connection!

Apart from all this, Gujarat University is famed to have some amazing placement cells for its students too. Gujarat University Placements will assist students in getting good jobs.

We Googled out what people have to say about this university and to our surprise, 90% of the student reviews were positive. You can check out the actual comments by the different people HERE.

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