Statement clutches: One knuckle ring clutch bag !

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You would be living under a rock if you have never owned and flaunted a clutch ! ;)
The second best favorite accessory after handbags are none other than our clutches ! Clutches have come a long way from being dainty to heavy, light to sparkly, studded to boxy, from minaudiere to knuckle ring clutches and so on.
Clutches seem to have taken much popularity in society, especially with celebrities, which in turn has caught up with us ‘not so famous fashionistas’ ;) . Also, they can be really cute and add a simple trendy touch to an outfit. A clutch, is something you hold with your hands and is small and now occur in unbelievable shapes- from oval to box, triangle, to heart shaped and so many more! Perfect to pick up for a wedding or a function where all you have to carry is your cell phone, debit card (I don’t own a credit card *so proud :P* ) and maybe lipstick/gloss or even your favorite lip balm!
Wedding season has begun (Already done with three weddings this month ! Gosh! ) If you want something that will add a slight attention seeking edge to your overall look, check out the latest styles of studded knuckle clutches ! They are here to sweep you off your feet ! These blingy accessories feature a studded ring around the top of the clutch. There are quite a few places you can pick up this hot new style, and it’s a look that’s perfect for a wedding/ reception , or when you are the bride’s best friend , even better if you are the bride ;). Most of the styles also feature an addition chained rope so that you can wear the handbag in many different ways.
What  I am loving about this knuckle clutches is that it brings something totally different to the market, plus it’s an easy way to spice up an already blingy outfit! The cut-out ring also double as rings if you place your finger in them!) Now isn’t that something cool ! The knuckle handle of the gold and silver clutch I bought is a one clutch finger ring with cool embellishments and rhinestones, making it appear as if you were wearing a statement cocktail ring on practically each hand. Get a closer look at this growing knuckle ring clutch trend below. 
Beautiful trendy clutches
Wedding one knuckle ring clutch
Wedding budget clutches
The knuckled clasp clutch is a big trend this season and Alexander McQueen's fall handbag collection is full of them, they are bold and statement making. (Did you know almost all knuckle ring clutches selling out there on snapdeal/flipkart/Amazon are inspired by their designs ?) And I can’t stop but add them to my wish list ! *cheeky grin*
Alexander McQueen and wedding clutches
I went window shopping for them the other day and couldn’t resist these two beauties! Temme which one fares better? I’ll go for that ;)
4 finger rhinestone clutch spiked
Whether you’re dressing up or down you can easily add the knuckle clutch trend to your get-up. It’s an effortless way to add a little edge and style to your ensemble . Its sometimes liberating to not carry a huge tote or a heavy handbag around all the time! It’s also a great item to keep in your tote if you want to refresh your outfit and take it from desk to dinner ;)
one ring knuckle wedding clutch
Now these beauties have turned into my favourite statement clutches ! Everyone in my family loved them so much they ended up buying the same (altogether 4 clutches in gold and 2 in silver of the same design and color at my home now *smh*) Although they are bling and in your face sparkly but at least they are unique! There’s nothing I dislike more than walking into a crowded room and having on something that someone else is wearing. Ugh :P 
Will you try the knuckle clutch trend?
You can buy this clutch from here and here
Will you be wearing this trend for weddings and parties ? Do you already own a statement clutch that you simply adore? Let me know in the comment section!
Until next time.
Stay awesome!

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