How to wear a scarf ~ That's a Wrap!

A scarf is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you’ll ever own and the easiest way to add interest to any outfit in any season. There are over a 100 ways of wearing them – over your head, around your neck, and even around your waist for that extra oomph factor! 
We’ll give you a moment to dig in those closets and get out your scarves – here are some ways to add an instant dash of style to your wardrobe:

 The Classic Knot – Adding a touch of colour and texture to your outfit is super-duper easy! Put the scarf around your neck with the two ties in front, one longer than the other. Take the longer one, give it a twirl around your neck and bring the tie back in place so the ties are now equal.

The Pashmina Look – Fold the scarf in half and position it in front of your neck with the ends hanging over your back. Crisscross the ends and bring them to the front again. Tie a loose knot and tuck it underneath the wrapped portion, just below your neck and gently pull down the wrap over the knot. Spread out the ends of the scarf as much as possible for volume and voila!! The end result should look like a loose polo neck-cum-scarf

The Artistic Knot - Put the scarf around your neck so that both ends are equal in length. Using only one side, tie a knot in the middle. Take the other side and simply thread it through the knot you made on the opposite side. Tighten the knot. If you’re wearing it with a jacket, pull the knot up higher to show just above the collar. Or add fun and creativity to a plain top by bringing the knot below the bust.

The Euro Knot – Drape the scarf around your neck in half so that both the ends are on one side, and the centerfold is on the other. Thread both ends through the loop and you’re all set for tea and crumpets. Don’t forget the British accent! ;)

The Muffler – Open the scarf so it forms a square in front of you. Join two of the opposite ends so it forms a triangle. Tie a double knot with these ends and place the scarf over your neck so the knots are at the back and the triangular body takes center stage in front of your tummy. Perfect to dress up tees or plain sweatshirts.
Got some new styles up your sleeve…or should we say, around your neck? 

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