Bollywood actresses - Short hair cut: Yay Or Nay ?

Short hair trend bollywood
What do Priyanka Chopra, Huma Qureshi, Anushka Sharma,Sonakshi Sinha, Nargis Fakhri and Diya Mirza have in common? Well all of these leading Bollywood beauties have opted for short tresses and got their lovely long tresses chopped off! Personally I myself love long beautiful black hair , but a lil experimenting here and there is alright but getting my tresses chopped off is something I am never going to do! However these 4 beauties have gone ahead with their haircuts and it did work for a few and for some it was just another disaster. But hey its just hair, its gonna grow back ;) First it was Sonakshi Sinha , then following her footsteps was Diya Mirza and later on Huma Qureshi took the trend , and now Priyanka Chopra chopped her lovely long hair !
Getting their haircuts Priyanka Sonakshi
I remember a few girls in my college being very cautious about their long hair (they would not get it cut even when it reached below their butt:p) , and mind you they wouldn’t give a shit if they looked horrid or gorgeous and went to say they were very proud of their long always plaited hair! But there were other few girls who complained their house rules included never cutting their hair, poor girls, imagine always having to spend hours washing them and all those long hours combing and setting their hair! We love long hair but hair so long it sweeps the ground literally is so not our cup of tea! :D
I had flowy soft hair that fell till my lower back but I got a haircut two weeks back and now they fall till my shoulders in soft waves ^_^ All thanks to our celebs ;) Everybody is going the short hair route in bollywood!
sonakshi sinha new hair cut short hair
Sonakshi Sinha got a hair cut which suits her well, she rocks it almost all the time. While she experiments even with her short hair I just wish she had sported her short hair do atleast once in her brother’s wedding celebrations. Other than that we have no complains here!
diya mirza short new hair cut
Diya Mirza carries her short hair do elegantly except that I liked her more in long hair. Don’t ask me why you can spot the difference yourself.
Priyanka chopra new haircut
Priyanka Chopra’s new haircut was praised by many of her fans and no doubt she looks ultra cute in her new hair cut but can you forget the Peecee with long dark tresses in her pop song ‘ exotic’
Huma Qureshi new hair cut
Huma Qureshi for once shocked me with her horrible hair cut and choice of hair color. Lets just say Ms Qureshi needs to take a cue from a few other celeb mates of hers.
Anushka Sharma new short hair cut
Anushka Sharma tops the charts when it comes to working the short hair do . Her shoulder length hair frames her face beautifully ! Also I simply cannot get past her short hair bob she sports in the movie, PK. I actually like Anushka’s hair do in PK much more than her real hair do ;)
Nargis fakhri new hair cut
Nargis Fakhri is the new entry in B town to have cut her hair and rumors have it she cut her own hair! The fringe does not do justice to that gorgeous face! She looked way better with the longer hair do !
Has the short hair trend caught up with you too?
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