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Aztec Print Fashion: Ancient yet so Modern! Very few know that Aztec is the fashion from the past. Yesterday’s history of Central Mexico has become today’s trend. Aztec designs have been created and valued as far back as the 14th century and now it has once again taken the world by storm.

These Mexican-inspired prints are at once tribal, colorful, eye-catching and no doubt, full of energy. Aztec prints have become the style du jour among the trendy. It’s also a huge rage this season! So why wait? Get decked up “Aztec Style” and make a mark, the bold way!

Vigorously Vibrant:  Aztec prints are effortlessly vibrant and when it comes to colors, the more the merrier. Seize the opportunity to play around with colors to stay fashion forward. It just gets better when you experiment with countless combinations of pastels and bold colors. Pink and Grey, Turquoise and Brown, Mint and Orange, it will all fit together when it’s Aztec.

Aztec prints adorned in the Bollywood movie 'Cocktail' source: Eros International
Eclectic patterns:  Horizontal lines, graphic shapes and geometric designs in all colors…this is what primarily defines the uber cool ‘Aztec print.’ The Aztec print is quite easy to don! Just pick one striking Aztec printed piece and pair it with a single colored garment!

Luxury at its best: Aztec culture used vibrant prints and design on high finesse fabric which was rich in texture. Adorning Aztec prints was thus a sign of flaunting wealth amongst the masses. So when you dress up the Aztec way, keep in mind that it is all about luxury. Don’t forget to adorn feather earrings and chunky statement jewelry to look opulent. Woven fabrics, cashmere material, feathers, and intrinsic patterns will give your ensemble a splendid finish.

Simply Anything: This print is loved by all because of its versatility. You can adorn it as a part of your outfit or clutch or a scarf or just your mobile cover. It manages to transfer beautifully into other fields of design, such as interiors and artifacts. Make it a part of your Fashion World and stay inspired by the ethnic way. Girls go get your nails done in Aztec patterns to complement your ensemble!

Day or Night: Be it a day or night event, Aztec can be worn anytime. Choose to Dress Up or Dress Down, Aztec prints offer you enormous options to select from. You can find this print on cardigans, leggings, sweaters and printed jeans for your day wear. While select some stunning short dresses for your late night parties.
Fashion knows no international boundaries and thus Aztec prints made an easy entrée in Indian fashion world. The beauty of Aztec prints is that they are adaptable and flexible. They come in gorgeous shades that appeal to the Indian sensibility and recent western fascination with colors that pop.
Top 5 Aztec looks for you to stay fashion forward:
The Dream Catcher look :
Pair Aztec top or singlets with junky dream catcher neck piece. Flaunt your collection of semi-precious stones and pull out your harem pants to get the perfect dream catcher look. Now this how you wear these spirited prints without messing up!

The Goddess Look:
Long Aztec maxi-dress gives you serene and heavenly Goddess look. Don one of these and set your foot forward to rule the world. ;) 
Oh! So cool look:
 Loose tank tops with Aztec print bottoms give you a cool appeal. With this look on, you are sure to turn a hundred heads towards you. This look is the Spring- Summer favourite!

The Glam Doll look:
Figure-hugging short silhouette in dark colors with geometric Aztec print will steal the show. A perfect evening wear to get noticed in the crowd!

The Monochrome:
Go Black & White with Aztec and add some neon to brighten up the day!

Wrap yourself in a printed scarf or poncho, or pair Aztec accessories to give your outfit that little pop of ethnicity. So go on and experiment your looks with super trendy Aztec prints now!

Author: Jade
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