Tips to take care of your skin before and after Holi

Holi is here and so are the skin care troubles if you ain’t prepared for it. Radiant skin always helps you to get noticed and win millions of compliments. Many of you must be wondering about how to protect your skin, and those with sensitive skin probably have started getting jitters with the mere thought of it. Never fear as we have some handy tips for you to shine under the sun before and after Holi.

Pre- Holi Celebration Guide:
Pre Holi Care becomes quintessential for your skin to stand strong against the brazen Holi colors. To celebrate without any harmful after- effects, it is a must to be prepared by following the tips below:
  • Avoid Facial for a week before Holi 
  • Keep your skin highly moisturized 
  • Nourish your skin daily with Vitamin E at least for a week in advance
  • Never wear contact lenses, instead flaunt your old nerdy spectacles
The D-Day Preparation Guide:
  • Ice massage: Mere 5 minutes Ice massage with tighten your open pores and make your skin ready for the long Holi spree. 
  • Oil your Skin: Best way to prevent your skin form the harsh colors is to grease your body using Mustard / Almond / Baby Oil.  Complete this regime 45 mins before you venture out for your Holi party.
  • Stay Sun Safe: Time flies once you begin the Holi celebrations. You spend hours under the scorching sun without even realizing it. Apply a thick layer of waterproof sunscreen lotion with SPF 50 to ensure that you Stay Sun Safe for hours to come.
  • Gel it up: You will fall in love with Petroleum Jelly for keeping your lips, cuticles and ears highly protected and nourished throughout the day. 
  • Nail Care: Never forget to do your Nails before you step out. Apply 3 coats of Nail color to avoid Post Holi stained nails. 
Post Celebration Guide:
  1.   Lime it is! Yes, its lime that helps you to get rid of rigid Holi colors. Natural bleaching agents in lemon help you to get rid of the sturdy stains.
  2. Gram Flour Body Pack: Make a thick paste of gram flour, lemon and milk and massage it on your face, hands and body for a few minutes to remove the colors naturally and leave your skin moisturized. 
  3. Aloe Vera Gel: Use the soothing Aloe vera gel to calm your skin and keep it away from any type of allergy and irritation.
This Holi, Go Organic. Drink ample water. Deep condition your body and hair and have a carefree celebration!

Author: Jade

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