Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Perfect Foam Review

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Volume Boost Perfect Foam is a detangling mousse that adds body and stability to hair. My hair is thin and if I am willing to get that perfect pouty hairstyle I use volume boost to do the job for me! And Schwarzkopf Volume Boost is a real charm! It features a nozzle that allows for easy application to the roots of my hair. The volume Boost is formulated in such a way that it lifts the roots when blow-drying, and leaves hair feeling fuller and looking shinier.
Schwarzkopf volume boost perfect foam
Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Volume Boost Perfect Foam has the beauty of the brand. The foam like mousse is a leave in and it actually works wonders on my hair.
Swarzkopf bonacure hair therapy
It has a easy to use Nozzle for easier removal of the product. A minimum of three pumps and one would have the desired product to boos the front of their hair.
What the Company Claims about Schwarzkopf Bonacure Volume Boost Perfect foam:
  • 100% more volume for the hair
  • It is a 3 step system without silicones, provides stability, and hydration to the hair
  • Applicable for normal to fine hair
  • Suitable for daily use . Isn’t that awesome?
swarzkopf reviews hair therapy bonacure
Price : INR 1000
Quantity : 200 mL
Packaging: It comes in a sleek white spray bottle along with a cap on the top. I like the writings in silver, it gives a luxury feel to the bottle ;)
Application: Cleanse the hair with Schwarzkopf Bonacure Volume Boost Shampoo and condition it with a conditioner of the same range. Shake well and apply in sections to towel-dried hair (remember dry but wet), concentrating on roots for extra lift. Gently comb through. Leave in and blow-dry as desired. Schwarzkopf Bonacure Volume Boost Perfect Foam is suitable for daily use.
Pros of Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Hair therapy Perfect foam Volume Boost:
• As the name suggests, this foam does increase the volume of my hair.
• My hair looks more bouncier.
• My hair has more volume and people keep staring when I walk by now ;)
• It also gives shine to my hair.
• This is the first product I used from this brand and I love it absolutely.
• This bottle has been with me for about 4 months and yet I can tell you it will stay for me a little longer for about a period of 6 more months!
• It is worth the money.
• It is easily available on online shopping portals!
Cons of Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Hair therapy Perfect foam Volume Boost:

• Doesn’t have any special kind of fragrance. I like a hair product that makes my hair smell yummy but unfortunately Schwarzkopf perfect foam does not have any kind of fragrance..
My Rating 4.5/5
Will I Repurchase – Yes ! I love my hair after using this hence I am definitely going to buy this again !

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