First Day At Office ~ Wear It Right

First impressions are best impressions, hence, it is very important to dress right. When you go for an interview, choosing what to wear becomes a complicated task and once you have crossed that stage, things get a bit simpler.

'First day at office' ~ What emotions does this phrase trigger in you? Excitement? Curiosity? Fear? Well, every first is a plethora of emotions and to make it special you have to make sure that nothing goes wrong and dressing right solves that problem to a great extent! Office wear is all about formal wear. You can never go wrong with formal wear!

Seven tips to dress up right on your first day at office:

1) Choose something Comfortable yet appropriate:
What's the point in dressing up perfectly when deep down you know that you aren't comfortable in that outfit at all? Comfort is the key to happiness. If you wear something uncomfortable, it'll make you jittery and the chances are, your first day will be ruined!

2) Right fit:
Neither too loose nor too tight, choose an outfit which fits you perfectly and lets you breathe comfortably inside it! Right fit can do wonders as it will perfectly compliment your body figure and give you a regal look.

3) Shoes:
A man is known by the shoes he wears. Take out those best pair which will go perfectly with your outfit and remember to polish them and free them off even a single spectacle of dust!

4) Accessories:
It's the first day, you hardly know anyone and it wouldn't look good if you request your colleagues to know the time. So, carry your own watch and other accessories like a handkerchief etc. Be so organised that people come to ask help from you and not the other way round! :)

5) Dress according to the code:
Majority of the offices have dress codes and you don't wanna be left behind or look like the odd one out in your office! So learn what's the dress code beforehand and dress according to it.
6) Keep it neat and tidy:
Whatever you wear, be sure to iron it and wash it well as a neat and tidy look is always attractive. Presenting yourself in a polished and crisp way puts a huge impression on people!

7) Don't forget to wear that smile!:
If everything is in place and you go to office with a broody face... it's simply pointless! A man's best accessory is his charming smile. I would any day fall for a warm welcoming smile from my colleague, no matter how pissed I am at him! Be careful not to extend the smile. If you keep smiling too much, it gets annoying and fishy. So, smile when it's needed, to greet your colleagues and other appropriate times like these.

We wish you the best on your first day at office. Follow these steps and rock it!

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