Style guide: What to Wear to your Mehendi

Mehendi is an important pre wedding ritual in indian weddings where the bride is put intricate heena patterns on her hands and feet  . Mehendi ceremony for the bride can be a tiresome and long process  but it is also the most fun ceremony where the close family and friends of the bride gets together as they sing, dance and celebrate.

Comfort should be the first thing you should look for in your mehendi outfit  as you will have to sit for 5-6 hours in a fixed position as the mehendi wali gets the designs done.. also since the mehendi will be applied over your elbow length it is better to go for sleeves less or short sleeved outfits. Most mehendis these days are combines with sangeet ceremony so if there is dancing involved then go for flowy flared out silhouettes.

Yellow and green are considered the best colours for a Mehendi outfit but since Mehendi is a fun and a colourful event you can get experimental and choose any colour you love .  I suggest brides to avoid  Black and whites and go for a bright contrasting mix of 2 or 3 colours in their outfit .

Here are some outfit ideas to inspire you

1. Fun Colourful Lehenga : A colourful but light lehenga with latkans is the best mehendi outfit . make sure the choli is sleeveless or short sleeved. Lehenga means you can get mehendi on your legs easily done just by lifting it a little and it will flare out nicely if you have a little dancing involved later on in the day. You could choose from designer creations like nishka Lulla or just get fabric in net or Georgette and get a tailor to stitch up a lehenga for you .

2. Saree: Saree isnt the most comfortable pick for your mehendi but this is the most cost effective option as you can just get a plain saree ombre dyed in 2 or three colours and wear with a sequined or brocade blouse. If you have worn a saree before and are comfortable in it go for it. But make sure you arent wearing a saree for your wedding or reception this way you will have variety in your looks

3. Plazzos with long kurta : This pakistani silhouette is very popular these days and you could get variety in your bridal looks by adding plazzos for mehendi. opt for plazzos in raw silk but if your mehendi is a small event you can go for plazzos and kurta in multicoloured crepe .

4..Ethnic gown or floor lenth anarkali:   Ethnic gowns are very popular these days as they are very easy to handle . You can even skip the dupatta with this and dancing the night away also looks fabulous in a flared floor length kurta. But go for this option only if you arent wearing a gown on your reception .

5.. Short lehenga choli : Wearing Lehenga is a good option but it has a lot of scope in spoiling your mehendi on feet so better to get a knee length lehenga stiched with a short sleeved choli. This option is a risky affair and is for bold experimental brides only.

6.kurti with short pants : Have a colourful anarkali kurti ? just pair it knee length pants and you are good to go.

7. Peplum cholis : Peplum in ethnic is fast becoming popular and if you have waist for it go for it. for more on peplums check here

8. Dhoti Pants : Dhoti pants are super in these days and they also make for fun mehendi wear . wear a pair of silk dhoti pants with a bright tulip cut kurti and viola chic mehendi look

9.  Lehenga or gown with a knee high slit :  If you are up for it then a sexy gown or lehenga with a slit is the best option for your mehendi. It adds the required flare yet gives you ease for getting mehendi done on feet without compromising on style factor. If you dont want flare you can just have a straight cut lehenga or gown. Also if the slit seems too daring for you go for a pair of brocade or a rich fabric cropped pants .

 10. Hi low hemline anarkali top: I love asymmetrical hemline and this is my personal favorite option. Hunt for a good flared out anarkali and wear it minus the chudidaar bottoms.

11. Draped saree gowns: Draped sarees are very comfortable and that is exactly what you need for a mehendi ceremony.
12. Dhoti saree: Sonam popularised this kind of a draped dhoti saree with cape when she turned up in one at cannes last year and you could try the same iZifferent preferable more brighter colour

13. crop tops : Crop tops in ethnic are super in everyone from payal singhal to ridhi mehra are embracing them . Pair crop tops with plain lehengas, plazzos, short skirt or sharara pants . The best thing about crop tops is you can reuse them later on .

14.Try off beat motifs: If bright clours arent your thing then add fun to your mehendi outfit via quirky motifs or prints like fans, dragon flies, and parrots .

15. Embrace huge floral prints : what betetr way to do bright ethnics than florals? go step head and do them huge . Surendri by yoges choudari and many other designers are churning some very peppy huge floral prints perfect for mehendi.

For more Mehendi Outfit Inspiration have look at our Pinterest board here  
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Mehendi Style Tips: 
*Avoid hand or feet jewellery as it may get your mehendi smudged.
*If you want to add a DIY outfiit touch to your wedding ,Mehendi is your best bet, bring out your creative hats and design away. (go here for inspiration)
*For Mehendi  people go with fresh flowers in decor and jewellery so keeping your make up light and natural is a good idea
* When planning your hairstyle for mehendi keep in mind that you will have to sit for hours with your heena laced hands . Go for a bun or braid . Make sure you pin up your hair in the front
* Skip your precious or imitation jewellery for mehendi and opt for trendy floral , lace or gota jewellery. this will help your mehendi outfit stand out and it will not look repetitive when you see all photos together in your album.
*floral wreathes are super in for mehendi these days you could try it.
If you need help wth mehendi style do mail us and we will be happy to help out

Keep it stylish 
~ zooni.

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