5 Priceless Gifts To Gift Your Mom On Mothers Day

While it's true that nothing can pay off the love and care our mothers have showered upon us, it's always good to gift your Mom and make her feel special. This small gesture will make her smile and earn you her blessings!

Now coming to what you can gift your mother on Mothers day:

A bag? Apparel? A new cell phone? While all these would be pretty good options, we have some ideas which will fare better than these soulless gifts!

1. A Hug ~ Jadu ki Jhappi:
Yes, a tight surprise hug showing her how much you love her. Go hug her and pour your heart out. This is one of the best things you can give her!

2. A Confession:
"I Love You Ma!" Well, we mean this to the fullest, have we ever said this to our mothers in person? Well, now is the time! Go to her and confess your unconditional love to her. She very well knows that you love her but saying it to her will make her feel special and smile to her heart's content!

3. A Handwritten Note:
If you are too shy to go up to her and confess in person, pour your feelings into a paper, let it be special, a poem or simply a short note will do well. Gift her that note in a unique way. You can stick it using a fridge magnet on the fridge, keep it one of the books she reads or simply hand it to her with a smile.

4. Spend Time With Her:
Ditch looking at that phone for a while. Take out time and dedicate it into talking and bonding with your Mom. Mothers don't tell you, but the biggest thing that hurts them is their children not spending time with them.

5. Cook For Her:
We Indians have fallen in love with 'Ghar ka khana' thanks to our Moms! :) Today, do something out of ordinary. Ask her to rest and take her place in the kitchen and cook something for her. Even if the dish doesn't turn out well, your Mom will LOVE the gesture! :)

Remember ~ Love cannot be bought, so if you want to give your Mom the best gift, the above will fair really well!

P.S: Don't burn down the house while cooking for your Mom. Trust me, your Mom won't like it. :P


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