Winners for Dr Batra's Summer Giveaway

Hello, wonderful people!! We thank you for making our summer giveaway successful yet again! The one-month long wait has come to an end and we are here to announce the lucky winners for the Summer giveaway that ended yesterday. All the winners have been chosen by Raffle Baba as it was mentioned previously in the giveaway page itself.

If you have not won, we understand your disappointment but request you to respect Raffle Baba's decision and take it in a good spirit. Remember there are LOADS of more exciting giveaways lined up and you will surely get a chance to win the next time!

Having said that, let's proceed to the list of our nine AWESOME and totally LUCKY winners who managed to be picked up by Rafflecopter in the swarm of 3600+ entries!

The winners are... *drum rolls* *claps* *seetis*

Divya Asha
Bharati Prabhu
Prathamesh Thorat
Ghazala Naseem
Kulsum Sana
Ruchika Bhatia
Kavita Nayak
Seeta Kumari

We have sent across emails to all of the above-mentioned names. PLEASE REPLY TO OUR EMAIL WITHIN 2 DAYS OR ANOTHER WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN.

Stay connected for more such awesome giveaways!
~Team Bling Sparkle

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